Service Restarts After Computer Systems Shutdown At MGM Resorts Leading To Security Concerns!

Newsby sagnika sinha13 September 2023

Service Restarts After Computer Systems Shutdown At MGM Resorts Leading To Security Concerns!

MGM Resorts faced a “cybersecurity issue” during the weekend as the digital hotel room keys became non-functional, no purchases could be charged to their rooms, and online transactions were not allowed in the restaurants.

Even on Monday, the resorts’ websites were offline, while a list of phone numbers was provided to the guests to reach the specific hotel concierge desk. The resort also apologized to all the guests and thanked them for their patience.

On Tuesday, an update stated that the resort’s entertainment, dining, and gaming sections were “currently operational.” It was also informed that guests could access their hotel rooms as the digital cards became functional.

Even though there is no exact information regarding the functionality of the MGM Resorts computer systems, some are still turned off based on security concerns. The authorities have not mentioned anything specific concerning the present status of the systems; however, these may be handled manually!

Casino operators are a little worried about the security issue, especially because, in today’s time, we are heavily dependent on digital transactions! Exposing themselves to security gaps might lead to serious problems with the company and authorities.

The investigation is highlighted as ongoing, while Special Agent Mark Neria of the FBI did not want to comment on it due to its controversial nature. Their approach to shut down specific systems was to protect data, especially if there was a cyberattack.

The online reservations across resorts and casino floors were impacted in Las Vegas, including other states such as New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, and Michigan. Brian Ahern, the spokesperson of MGM Resorts, informed us that the customers were served under all circumstances!

With social media platforms, no information is hidden for so long! In this case, guests complained about how they could not obtain cash from the machines, video slot machines going completely dark, and hotel key cards not working!

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