The Second Season Of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Is Finally here!

Newsby sagnika sinha14 July 2023

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Ready for some drama? The new season of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a perfect mix of drama and romance as it follows the lives of the protagonist Belly, portrayed by Lola Tung, and her love interests Conrad, played by Christopher Briney, and Jeremiah, portrayed by Gavin Cadalegno!

Considering the series is based on a book with the same name, readers will expect the plot to be well-managed in the series. Furthermore, the episodes will follow the two brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, fighting for Belly’s heart.

The trailer hints that Susannah’s cancer will play a huge role in how Belly feels and the challenges she experiences. She is confused about her stand with the two boys, complicating her relationships further.

An upcoming threat to Susanna’s house makes Belly rally everyone together to fight for the home. The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime, and only streaming service subscribers can watch it for free.

The first three episodes of season 2 will air on 14 July, and viewers must wait for a week for the fourth episode. Accordingly, each episode will be available on Amazon Prime every consecutive week. What can be more exciting than Taylor Swift’s song being featured in the series?

The theme of season 2 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has been revealed as Love. It also symbolizes that not just Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad will be highlighted in the season! Even though it is the focus of the series.

Instead, Susanna’s relationship with Jeremiah and Conrad, Laurel’s relationship with Belly, and Susanna and Laurel’s friendship are all highlighted types of Love. The trailer carries a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia which will be reflected in the season.

The trailer hints that there will be significant changes and contemplation in Belly’s Lives. Fans are excited to see the transformation she will be going through and its impact on other characters in the series.

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