Things to Look for When Buying an Enterprise Solutions Software Program

Technologyby Ariana Smith27 April 2017

Enterprise Solutions Software

Enterprise resource planning software can bring benefits to many businesses. However, choosing the wrong ERP program can work against your company rather than improve it. Therefore, it’s more important to make sure you purchase the right type of ERP software for your businesses. Here is a list of categories to base your decision on when buying an enterprise solutions program:

Capability, Functionality and Fit

First of all, you must check out exactly what features the software offer, and also whether those features are suitable for your company. Consider the industry you are in first. If you are in manufacturing, you will want an ERP suite intended for manufacturing companies. Many programs offer the basics such as accounting, inventory management, and data collection. However, some programs, like Microsoft dynamic NAV, offer specialised features for various industries. Consider a program with higher capabilities such as that for your business.

Ease of Use

Ease of use, or simplicity, should be a priority when using just about any software. There’s little point in paying thousands of dollars for a program, only to find out later that you need to spend thousands more to train your employees how to use it. If a software has a complicated user interface, you will end up spending more on troubleshooting as well. Therefore, before buying, test UIs of ERP programs you have in mind. Choose the one that prioritizes simplicity, like Dynamics NAV mentioned above.


Flexibility is also a very important aspect of buying any ERP software program. Flexibility here refers to how well the system can adapt to your business’s unique needs. Some ERP suites are flexible, but may be too complicated. Some are simple, but lack flexibility. There are few gems out there like Dynamics NAV that is both flexible and simple. The source code for Dynamics NAV is partially open, so select developers and design special functions to make the overall suite more suitable for individual businesses. Essentially, you should look for a program like this that can be customised to suit your company’s business needs.

Uncomplicated Pricing

Pricing plays a huge role when selecting an ERP suite. The price you intend to pay should depend on the size of your business. If you are part of a larger corporation, then you will have a budget big enough to rent or outright purchase the software. For small and mid-sized companies, however, it is recommended to pay rent on a monthly basis for ease of use and peace of mind.

Labour Costs

It’s important to consider how much money you will have to pay to maintain the ERP suite as well. Do you have to buy new hardware? Then do you have to hire new IT people to maintain everything? Think about these additional costs in your calculations as well.


In this mobile-connected world, it’s very important to choose an ERP suite that offers a high level of accessibility. Don’t buy a program that is not cloud connected or doesn’t have mobile-friendly features. You would want to make the program available to your employees from anywhere, anytime.
Think about the above features when buying a new ERP program for your business. Check all the boxes to make sure your company ends up with the best product.

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