3 Things You Should Do If You Notice A Distracted Driver On The Road

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah15 July 2019

Distracted Driver

When you’re driving, the most important thing you can be doing is keeping your eyes on the road. Anything else can wait. And while you might strictly adhere to this guideline, others on the road might not.

If anyone on the road is driving while distracted, everyone around them is in danger. So if you notice that someone around you is a distracted driver, here are three things you can do to address the situation and keep yourself and others safe.

Steer Clear Of That Driver:

Hopefully, the person that you noticed being distracted behind the wheel will soon rectify their behavior on their own. But if they don’t, the safest thing you can do is to give them a wide berth so that if they do get into trouble or cause an accident, you’re not caught in the crossfire.

While you might at first be tempted to try to speed past them and shoot some shaming looks at them while you go by, DefensiveDriving.com shares that it’s often safer for you to just slow down and give them as much space as you can. If they are driving too slow and you want to pass them, make sure you do so with extreme caution. And if at all possible, try to take an alternate route than the one they appear to be taking to get to your final destination.

Encourage Them To Stop:

Not every time you notice someone participating in distracted driving will be when you’re in your car and they’re in theirs. Oftentimes, you might be a passenger in someone’s car while they’re doing things like playing with the radio, texting, or otherwise being distracted from the road.

In a situation such as this, EndTextWrecks.org and KSL.com advise you to immediately encourage them to stop. Express how you feel unsafe and uncomfortable when they’re taking your life in their hands and aren’t being as careful as they could be. If this means you have to take their phone or set some other ground rules for them, don’t be afraid to do so.

If You’re Scared, Call the Police:

We all know that if you spot someone on the road that you suspect is a drunk driver, you can call the police and have them check out the situation. What you might not have realized is that you can do this same thing if you see someone driving while distracted.

Colin Bird, a contributor to Cars.com, shares that if you’re on the road and you see someone being unsafe behind the wheel, you should call the police to report the dangerous behavior they’re exhibiting. Share with the police what the driver is doing to put others’ lives at risk, like swerving in and out of lanes or disregarding the speed limit.

To help you be prepared to keep the streets safe for everyone, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know what to do if you see someone driving distracted.

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