Three Major Ways to Revamp Your Home

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah18 May 2019


Once they’ve settled into their abodes, home-owners soon become excited to embark upon a new phase of household revamps – ranging from the simple clean and tidy through to the more disruptive but exciting conversions and extensions. This article is focussed on the more thrilling end of the revamp spectrum, helping provide ideas to completely transform your home, and the practical steps you’ll need to take to achieve those changes. With three top tips for you to mull over, you’ll be able to plan for whatever renovations you might wish to undertake with a little more perspective and information that you had before.

1. Create an Open-Plan Downstairs:

For homes built in a certain period of time, the open-plan living room connected to the kitchen and other rooms on the downstairs level of a home seems a distant dream. With each room siloed off and accessible via a door in a hallway, it’s a type of home layout that’s becoming increasingly unpopular as a home-owners move to a preference for light, airy and larger spaces for socializing and relaxing.

To convert your home from a siloed-off traditional one into an open-plan luxurious space, your first port of call will be to contact a builder or surveyor who’ll be able to assess your home’s structure. Some homes simply won’t support this kind of interior layout. But many wills, and with the green-light from your construction advisor, you’ll be able to set about making plans and planning the expenses involved with open-plan home renovation.

2. Extensions:

Most extensions capture a part of your garden space in order to provide more floor space in your home. Again, this is something you’ll need planning permission for, and that means another call to the builder or surveyor. Extending your home is one of the chief ways in which you can increase its value, while also making it a more comfortable and spacious place to live – so it’s something well worth considering as both a short-term and a long-term investment.

Many extensions also require a fair bit of demolition to start setting up the foundations for a larger part of your home to be built. This is where concrete demolition specialists like those found at can be particularly useful in getting rid of the construction materials that’ll make space for your extension. Then the builders will move in, helping you construct your new space.

3. Interior Design Touches:

It’s no exaggeration to say that, even more than the above two household changes, how you can redesign your household interior can bring profound and major changes to your home. For instance, you can change:

  • Floors – into carpets, wood panels, tiles or flat stone slabs
  • Walls – by wallpapering or painting in new shades
  • Furniture – into a unified new aesthetic style
  • Windows – to modernize your home and let in more light
  • Lighting – to create a different ambiance
  • Appliances – especially in the kitchen, to create an elegant and practical space

With many other touches besides, always consider undertaking a cosmetic revamp if you feel your home is in need of a major change.

The three options outlined above will all bring about a major change to your home, creating a new, homely space to call your own.

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