Snapchat Marketing 101: Harnessing Time Sensitivity For Success!

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Do you sometimes need messages to tell you what is more important and less important? Have you heard about time-sensitive Snapchat and what it does? To have a more natural flow of interaction, Snapchat was created!

Snapchat has features such as these, where priority messages are informed to the receiver. Read the article to learn more about Snapchat’s marketing strategies. People sometimes ignore messages, so this feature introduces how you will get important messages.

The time-sensitive feature is a marketing strategy developed by Snapchat to further gain more exposure. The purpose of Snapchat has been to share pictures, messages, or videos that disappear after some time when the viewer has opened an attachment.

Snapchat Marketing 101: Harnessing Time Sensitivity For Success!

Snapchat Marketing 101_ Harnessing Time Sensitivity For Success!

Snapchat is considered one of the coolest social media messaging apps because it is not just restricted to messaging! There is way more cool stuff provided by Snapchat such as entertainment, innovative photo and video editing tools, news, quizzes, and games.

The media messaging app is not only used by teens or collegegoers but also children due to its variety of features. One more feature added to this app is a sensitive feature notification!

It is one of their diverse marketing strategies where Snapchat is proving itself as more than just a fun and games app! When someone is inaccessible, sending them a snap with a time-sensitive message will get their attention. So, you are wondering, what does time sensitive mean on Snapchat?

It is a way of having more exposure, especially concerning social media pressure about marketing, safety, and privacy. Apart from being a fun app for teens to connect, it can also be used as an SOS strategy to communicate with someone in crisis or who needs serious consultation.

About Snapchat!

About Snapchat!

A mobile application for iOS and Android devices, Snapchat is often called Snap by its users! The developing company of the mobile app is a public organization also known as Snap! The brand creates hardware products like Snapchat Spectacles.

The organization claims to be a camera company headed by Evan Spiegel. The mobile app has some core concepts where all messages, videos, or pictures sent to the receiver get deleted once they have opened the attachment. It is for a very short period that the snaps are available.

The ephemeral nature of the application was designed to establish a natural flow of communication where people interact quickly instead of taking more time to respond to each other. However, over time, the mode of communication has changed! Do you know, what does time sensitive snapchat mean?

What Does Time-Sensitive Snapchat Mean?

What Does Time-Sensitive Snapchat Mean_

The time-sensitive Snapchat feature launched just a few days ago, especially with the iOS 15 launch. So, Apple users once again feel special, but do they need to feel so special? The feature was added during an update across the app in May 2023.

People have been using the platform X, previously known as Twitter, to voice out their concerns! This is because most of the users need help accepting the changes that have been implemented.

Users are frustrated as they feel the term “time-sensitive” as a tag for the messages leads to the receiver being forced to check the incoming message. The feature is a time-sensitive notification that Snapchatters receive. The purpose of the feature is that people will receive notifications on a priority basis.

Factors Influencing Time-Sensitive Snapchat!

Factors Influencing Time-Sensitive Snapchat!

When delivering a message or picture of higher priority, the notification mentions the time-sensitive information. The point is that the message or the picture requires the immediate attention of the receiver to avoid missing something important.

The notification type is a new feature that enables Snapchat users to receive updates regarding more important messages that require their attention at the earliest. There is a Do Not Disturb Mode on Android and iOS phones, and users turn it on based on their convenience!

It is especially done so that they have less distraction, especially in recent times when we can always be contacted through phone calls, video calls, and messages on social media platforms. Restricting these contact ways is a short-term solution to focus.

Yet some information must be given, such as an emergency or a crisis! Due to these reasons, a time-sensitive feature has been added to the social media messaging platform. The feature will appear on iPhones, especially for those with a Snapchat subscription.

What Are Time-Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat?

What Are Time-Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat_

Now, the question is how Snapchat decides on the priority of the message delivered to the user. It has yet to be disclosed how Snapchat is deciding on the significance of the message! How are they making the important message with the time-sensitive tag?

The social media messaging app has not answered anything related to this question, as the current functionality has not been completely transparent to the users: the important messages and the highlighted snaps, as time-sensitive, have no explanation.

Based on observation, some users on Snapchat do ignore the notifications; hence, one of the reasons time-sensitive features have been introduced. It is an algorithm of Snapchat that highlights the messages and snaps of high priority. So, is your question why does Snapchat say time sensitive is answered?

How To Turn Off Time-Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat?

How To Turn Off Time-Sensitive Notifications On Snapchat_

If you are mostly available on the phone and when turning on Do Not Disturb, you do not want to be disturbed, and it is quite acceptable if you want to turn off the time-sensitive notification. It might be overwhelming if all messages are highlighted as time-sensitive!

So, if you are wondering, how to turn off time sensitive notifications on Snapchat? Follow the below steps accordingly to turn off the time-sensitive notifications:

  • You have to go to the option Settings on your iphone! There you have to select Notification on Settings!
  • You must then scroll down the menu and click on the Snapchat section.
  • Please click on the tap to toggle off the Time-Sensitive Notifications feature.
  • Once you turn the toggle off, you do not have to check out the message that might disturb you!

Other Snapchat Features

Other Snapchat Features

Apart from the new features, other features are available related to Snapchat, encouraging people to use the app more. It also contributes to an increase in the scope of the Snapchat users. The most used features are as follows:

  • Snapstore
  • Snapcash
  • Shazam
  • Memories

Finishing Off…

When you learn about an important result coming out at your university from your best friend or receive medical emergency information, that is when you appreciate time-sensitive Snapchat! Time-sensitive notification is one of the features that helps grab your attention, thus enabling you to receive some messages.

Receiving notifications based on the priority of the messages prioritizes the message! Snapchat has made it possible with the new time-sensitive feature. However, the feature is only limited on iOS!

Comment down below if the feature is available on Android phones for Snapchat!

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