Tales From Neverland: Watching Tinker Bell’s Adventures Unfold In Filmic Harmony!

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TinkerBell movies in order

The sassy sidekick of Peter Pan has always inspired me! One of the most iconic and popular characters, Tinkerbell in Disney, has become one of the spokespersons! So, have you watched Tinkerbell movies in order? In this article, you can read about the Disney character Tinkerbell.

The Disney Pixie character has become popular from her first appearance in Peter Pan by Disney (1953)! She is a female fairy who often goes on excursions with Peter Pan on his Neverland adventures. After her appearance in Disney’s Peter Pan, she received immense recognition.

The character is stubborn, feisty and sassy, keeping up with Peter Pan; therefore, she deserves her franchise. I will discuss the chronological order in which you should watch the films in the franchise.

Tales From Neverland: Watching Tinker Bell’s Adventures Unfolded In Filmic Harmony!

Tales From Neverland_ Watching Tinker Bell's Adventures Unfolded in Filmic Harmony!

A Disney icon, Tinkerbell is a child-like creature with wings, tiny in size but smart, comical in personality, and expressive and thoughtful! Her character is sometimes petty and quite jealous of humans, especially when they tend to come close to Peter Pan!

The pixie fairy is quite intensively possessive to Peter Pan and is an expert in fixing kitchenware. She has a sharp tongue and can sometimes be violent, especially with Wendy! She despises that girl and does not let her lay claim to Peter Pan’s endearment.

The plot starts with a fairy being created and transported at a baby’s first laugh, and they are transported to Pixie Hollow. It is how Tinkerbell, a pixie fairy, was created, who worked hard to become a fairy and travel to the Mainland.

Queen Clarion grants her permission. Thus, she becomes a naturally talented fairy! Throughout the six movies, Tinkerbell works hard to keep all Hollow fairies safe along with nature. Tinkerbell sounds like a bell when talking with humans, so humans cannot understand what she is saying.

About Tinkerbell Movies!

About Tinkerbell Movies!

One of the original creations of Marc Davis, TinkerBell, was developed even before the thought of integrating her into Peter Pan came up. Her character has been developed as such where she is jealous of humans! There are some noble characteristics, and she is useful to Peter Pan!

She is mostly silent and conveys emotion through gestures and expressions. She speaks fairy language, which could be more understandable to humans; hence, there is a gap in verbal communication. One of the trademarks of Disney is Tinkerbell, and now, her popularity is pretty close to Mickey Mouse!

If you want to watch all the TinkerBell movies in order, you can watch them on Disney+ if you have a subscription. You can rent the movies or download them by purchasing them on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon and others.

Characters Played By Cast!

Characters Played By Cast!

Several notable actors are the cast members of the all TinkerBell movies in order. The protagonist, Tinkerbell, is played by Mae Whitman. Other popular actors playing different characters in the Tinkerbell franchise movies are as follows:

  • Lucy Liu plays Silvermist
  • Raven Symone plays Iridessa
  • Pamela Adlon plays Vidia
  • Kristin Chenoweth plays Rosetta
  • Lucy Hale plays Periwinkle
  • Jeff Bennett plays Mr Smith
  • Jesse McCartney plays Terence
  • Michael Sheen plays Dr. Griffiths
  • Ginnifer Goodwin plays Fawn
  • Tom Hiddleston plays Captain Hook
  • Zendeya plays Fern
  • Matt Lanter plays Sled
  • Christina Hendricks played Zarina
  • Anjelica Huston plays Queen Clarion and many others!

Chronological Order To Watch Tinker Bell Movies!

Chronological Order To Watch Tinker Bell Movies!

When distinguishing the storyline, you need to watch the chronological order in which you must watch the TinkerBell film series. All six films in the franchise are well-synced to establish a storyline that has become popular and inspiring.

Through these films, the creators of these movies are trying to highlight the negative aspects of humans and how they hurt others for their benefit. The old audiences and young children are all enamored by Tinker Bell and her role in tinkering and mending.

Not all the films in the Tinkerbell franchise are by the same directors! Yet, the conceptualization and the plot have been well maintained, satisfying the audience and their expectations. So to answer your question, how many Tinkerbell movies are there?

Tinker Bell (2008)

Tinker Bell (2008)

Directed by Bradley Raymond, this film is the first step in the protagonist’s birth. The genre of the film can be finalized based on the four genres: fantasy, family, adventure and animation.

Her skills and craftsmanship have been highlighted in the movie. Her journey to the Mainland as an aspiration has been highlighted in this movie.

Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure (2009)

Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure (2009)

Klay Hall has directed the movie. Jessey McCartney, Jane Horrocks and Mae Whitman play the main roles in this film, where nature talent fairies are in preparation for autumn. She gets an important project of creating a ceremonial scepter for the moonstone!

The challenges she faces, the over-enthusiasm and further villains in the film make the plot more intriguing and fun.

Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

Bradley Raymond has directed the film. In this film, Tinker gets captured in a neighborhood where she encounters a human, Elizabeth. Her father is Dr. Griffith, who experiments on butterflies, and this situation becomes dangerous for the fairies.

At times, he captures Vidia. Thus, Tinker keeps saving her! The film also shows a bond forming between fairies and humans.

Secret Of The Wings (2012)

Secret Of The Wings (2012)

Peggy Holmes and Bob Gannaway together directed the movie. This film’s plot revolves around how fairies are trying to prepare for the upcoming winter season. In this movie, Tinker also meets her sister, Periwinkle, who lives in the Winter Woods.

The movie follows the two sisters around the challenges they have to face. Their fight with the Snowmaker is also shown in this movie.

The Pirate Fairy (2014)

The Pirate Fairy (2014)

Peggy Holmes directed the movie. In this movie, Zarina, a fairy, is fascinated with the magic that came from pixie dust at the Pixie Hollow. However, the way she experiments ends in a failed experiment, leading to her banishment.

Tinker and her friends work hard to discover the issues that Zarina is creating. They work hard yet face another challenge with Captain Hook, another villain.

Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast (2014)

Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast (2014)

It was Steve Loter who directed the movie. In this movie, Queen Clarion reprimands Fawn for hiding a baby hawk. In this movie, Gruff is a beast around whom Fawn and Tinker try to manage their Pixie Hollow and other pixies.

Finishing Up…

So, now you know Tinkerbell movies to watch so that you understand why the character of Tinkerbell is so popular! The film Tinkerbell was produced during the golden age of Disney animation! The production started in 2008 and ended in 2014!

The movies have kept the audience captivated across generations! It is quite interesting to learn that Disney has been unable to produce more Tinkerbell movies because of a gap in innovation and growth.

Comment below to let us know what you think of the character of Tinkerbell!

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