7 Tools You Didn’t Realize You Need in Your Toolbox

Gadgetsby Mashum Mollah19 November 2021

Your Toolbox

Do you have these tools? If not, your toolbox may as well be empty.

1. Thread plug gages

When you need to inspect internal screw threads, you can’t afford to guess. The best way to know what gage you’re dealing with is to use a thread plug gage. It’s a simple tool with threaded ends that allow you to test the internal screw threads of any part.

If you’re not sure how to use a thread plug gage, visit ThreadCheck.com for some helpful videos.

2. A scythe, sickle, and machete

Have you ever considered getting hand tools to do yard work? Scythes, sickles, and machetes are amazing tools for cutting grass, weeds, and blackberry bushes.

A scythe can actually outperform a weed whacker when you learn the proper method. And, depending on where you live, hand-weeding and hand-mowing might soon become a necessity.

Since California recently banned small gas engines, it’s going to be the end of weed whacking as we know it. There are battery-powered weed whackers, but they aren’t powerful enough for most jobs.

You can’t put blades on most electric weed eaters, which means you can’t clear out tough brushes. You also can’t get an amazing string for a battery-powered weed eater without making some modifications.

The worst part about battery-powered weed eaters is the battery life. You’ll need at least five batteries on hand to get a decent amount of work done since most batteries last 45 minutes max.

If you want to keep your yard looking good, you need some manual yard work tools.

3. A carbon monoxide meter

If your carbon monoxide alarm displays “0,” it doesn’t mean carbon monoxide (CO) isn’t present. Most people don’t realize that carbon monoxide alarms don’t display any PPM until levels reach at least 30 PPM, depending on the meter. Also, the alarms won’t go off until CO levels have been pretty high for a long period of time.

For example, the CO level in your home would need to be at 40 PPM for ten hours to sound, or 400 PPM for between 4-15 minutes to sound.

You could be sitting in a room full of CO for a while without knowing. When you have a carbon monoxide meter, you’ll be able to detect any level of CO without having to meet a high threshold. If you’re using an indoor propane heater, like the Buddy Heater, a CO meter is essential.

4. A liquid plastic welder

When you need a strong adhesive but duct tape isn’t appropriate, a liquid plastic welder will work wonders. When fully cured, the adhesive is entirely waterproof, heat-resistant, and best of all, it’s non-toxic.

A liquid plastic welder is better than superglue. It’s not glued at all, but rather a liquid solvent. These devices use UVB light to cure the liquid in mere seconds. However, nothing other than UVB light will cure the solvent, which means it will stay in liquid form without drying up like a superglue.

5. A 180-degree rotating wrench

There are all kinds of cool tips for using a wrench in a tight space, including this trick using a paper towel. It’s genius, really. But did you know there are wrenches that rotate 180-degrees? Not only can you get into awkward spaces with a rotating wrench, but you can position the wrench exactly where it will give you the best leverage.

Crescent makes a rotating wrench with 9 different locking positions. It also uses the application and release of pressure to allow a ratcheting motion.

6. A wood sheet gripper

How many pieces of plywood can you carry comfortably? Even when you can carry plywood without hurting your back, it’s rather awkward. However, with Gorilla Gripper, you can grab whatever sheet you need and move it around with ease.

Gorilla Gripper lets you load wood sheets into a truck or van easily. You can also take it with you to the hardware store to load your cart easily.

7. A magnetic wristband

If you’ve never had a magnetic wristband, you’re missing out. Sometimes you need to pound a bunch of nails in a space where you can’t bring the box with you. A magnetic wristband will allow you to carry a bunch of nails to the top of your ladder, and you won’t have to come down to grab more.

You can’t have too many tools

You can’t have too many tools

There’s no such thing as too many tools. If you don’t have any room left in your toolbox, you need to get a bigger box.

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