Top 10 Myths about JEE Mains that should be busted now

Educationby Ariana Smith04 October 2018

Joint Entrance Examination Main

JEE Main or Joint Entrance Examination Main is conducted by National Testing Agency. NITs and IITs give admission to the students on the basis of JEE Main Rank. Also, it has been reported that JEE Main Admit Card for January Session will be released on December 17. So the exam is just around the corner and is pretty important because of which the exam is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. These myths and misconceptions should be busted immediately. Here we are going to talk about some myths –

1. The exam is too hard to crack:

There isn’t a single competitive exam present that is easy to crack. JEE Main is no different than those but it does not mean that it can’t be cracked. Candidates give up midway because they think that they can’t crack them as people say that it is too hard to crack. Passing this exam is not as hard as candidates are made to believe. To pass the exam you should have clear understandings of the concept, exam pattern, and syllabus.

2. Revision is not required for JEE Main:

On one hand some candidates find it too hard to crack and on the other hand, some candidates think that clearing the exam is child’s play so they don’t need to do a revision. It is not true at all. You need to revise and study well to crack the exam. Continuous practice is necessary for any exam including JEE Main. Don’t think that you can crack it without revision and practice because thinking that might lead you to your downfall.

3. It is mandatory to join a top coaching class or Institute:

This is another myth. Many students believing in this myth spend thousands of rupees behind a top coaching class or institute. The syllabus is same and to clear the exam you need to have a clear understanding of the subjects and not a top coaching institute. No teacher can force you to pass the exam. To pass the exam joining a top institute is necessary is a misconception. Have a clear concept and study hard and you can clear the exam.

4. 6 hours of study is enough to clear the exam:

This is so not true! To pass your regular final exams you need to study minimum 5 to 6 hours a day! JEE Main is not an easy exam which you can crack without putting that much of an effort. You need to understand the concept and practice constantly. Revision is absolutely necessary and you can’t do everything if you study for only 6 hours. That said; don’t push yourself so much that your body can’t take it.

5. Securing a good rank and scoring a good percentage simultaneously is not possible:

Both the board exam and JEE Main exam are hard and many students prepare for both the exams at the same time. But they doubt that they can’t do good in both. To crack JEE Main, you need to have the basic knowledge of XI and XII. It is the base of JEE Main. However, you still need to do a bit more extensive learning for JEE Main but that in no way will affect your board exam as board exam syllabus is the base of JEE Main. So, you can do both.

6. I must give equal emphasis on all the subjects:

Giving equal importance to all the subjects is good for the students who can do it. There are many students present who don’t have the same luxury. So, to crack the exam you have to be smart and follow strategy. The most common strategy is to score really good marks in two subjects and in the third paper score above average. This helps a lot. The strategy is always necessary for this exam. Follow it and you are bound to succeed.

7. Class XI concepts are weak so let’s focus on class XII:

This won’t work because class XII carries on the extended version of class XI so you need to have your base clear. However, you can be smart and focus on the important topics to clear your concepts of both class XI and XII. This way you are not going through all the class XI concepts and you still have the knowledge for the necessary topics.

8. I just need to score the cut off marks:

If you follow this concept then you are limiting yourself from doing your best. As getting the cutoff marks won’t get you an admission in any of the best colleges. If you are not attending 70 % of the questions then you are just reducing your chances of success. You need to set your standards high in order to get admission in top colleges.

 9. I will only attempt what I know and won’t guess:

There are only a handful number of candidates who successfully attempt all the questions. You cannot attempt all the questions by solving them. You should attempt the unknown questions and guess the answers. However, when you are attempting the unknown questions, you need to be smart about them and answer them by intelligent guesswork and by eliminating options.

10. I have to solve a large number of books in order to pass:

By solving many books won’t help you to pass. You first need to finish the standard book and buy one or two reference books with it. You bought a lot of books but can’t finish any one of them then it is a waste of your time and money. Buy a book first, complete it and only then buy another book. You don’t need to buy tons of books. Just continue to revise the books you have.

The misconceptions play a large part in a student’s life. So, before taking the exam to get your facts straight and clear all the myths and misconceptions. Good luck!

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