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Gaming by  Sumona 22 October 2022


If you boot up the play station store and go for a casual browse, you will find that there are literally thousands of games lined up for you to try.

Often, these games are on sale too. The sales can make you crave all the games you see. Unfortunately, not all the games are exciting. And by the time you realize it, you have already invested hours.

Luckily, we are here to tell you about the games you can play and enjoy without experimenting with new games.

It is hard to keep the best PS4 game list short and easily digestible. But, we have managed to condense the list that every fan needs to enjoy at least once.

If you have ever played a game on PS4, you will know just how legendary this gaming console is. Aside from being home to some of the top PS4 games, it has a reputation as the best-selling gaming console of all time.

Whether you are looking to play games produced and published by sony or interested in games produced by any third parties, you are in for a treat.

We have taken our time to create this list of the top PS4 games you can enjoy.

Outstanding concept. glowing gamepad between multiple black joysticks background 3d rendering

Call Of Duty Vanguard

Once again, Call of Duty spins its wheel of war. It seems that this franchise just loves war. This is why for the sixth time, they have recreated the world war II scene. This new version of games comes with an interesting set-up.

Call of duty: Vanguard will not join the pantheon of Call of Duty games, but it is a decent stop-gap for gamers to enjoy before modern warfare returns.

If you want this game to the fullest before its original story-based game is out, use Call of duty Vanguard PS4 tokens and complete the game faster.


If you played Hidetaka Mikazak, you would find the storyline is somewhat similar but with a smart twist. This game is more aggressive than the Hidetaka. After playing the game, you will find that all the elements of the dark soul are in here, but in this version, they are even stronger in a lot of ways.

The combat experience of this game is top-notch, and you have access to different weapons that unlock at every stage. By combining the elements of Lovecraftian and Classic horror, Bloodbourne creates a fascinating world.

The Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt

You can scarcely complete the list without mentioning The Witcher 3.

Geralt’s third adventure is a visionary open-world game. Here you will experience the high-quality graphics of the previous Witcher 2.

Although the Witcher 3 world is massive, you will find that everything in this world is meaningful. You not only have the main quest to continue the story but also get small side quests that make the game more fulfilling.

The Last Of Us II

When The Last Of Us II was aired, people thought it to be a failure. But surprisingly, it was even better than the first part. The franchise managers delivered what was expected of the new game.

Whether we are looking at the storyline or the gameplay mechanics, The Last Of Us II seems to be more refined than the first.

From start to finish, this game is unforgettable, especially with the emotional roller coaster.

God Of War

For a long time, God of War seemed to be a one-note franchise that loved to celebrate ultraviolence. However, things changed in 2018 when both the franchise and the character Kratos were redefined.

Taking place years after the original story Trilogy, where Kratos has been showing his soft side to his son Atreus. If you are yet to try the second part of the game, we would recommend you do so. You will love it.

The List Is Not Complete!

If we were to add every game that we have played on PS4, it would be impossible to complete this article. Out of all the games that we have played, we find these five games at the top of our list. Again, the list is based on what we like to play. Some might not even play the games we have mentioned.

If you are someone who has a different list prepared for the top games to play on PS4, the comment section is all yours. We would like to make a list of the top hundred games to play on PS4 using all the games commented on below.



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