How to Use a Mala for Mantra Yoga and Meditation

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What exactly is a Mala? Some of you may have a meditation or yoga practice and know exactly what that is and some of you may not, and that’s okay too. Amala is Sanskrit meaning garland or necklace. Malas are also known as meditation beads, Hindu rosary, or Buddhist prayer beads. Mala beads have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s a wonderfully beautiful tool, a sacred tool that assists you in focusing and counting your mantra during meditation. So for beginners, instead of just focusing on the breath, this is a fantastic tool because it’s something physical to hold in your hands to keep you focused from all those thoughts that, that go around in our heads when we meditate.

Traditionally, Amala has 108 beads. There are many interpretations of why there are 108 meditation beads, and the number 108 is known to many as a sacred number. The large non-counting bead on the Mala is known as the guru bead. Malas are made from many different materials, from gemstones to seeds and different types of woods. It’s best to choose one that speaks to you and aligns with the energy of your intentions and goals. A traditional mala should have a Tassel attached to the guru bead.

To start the Japa meditation, we’re going to need a mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase that you chant in repetition. As you meditate you focus your mind on the mantra you are chanting.

Find a comfortable place to sit. Keep your spine straight and your eyes closed. Your shoulders are relaxed. The rest of your body, place the Mala upon your finger and chant the mantra as you try each bead towards you with your thumb. During japa meditation, you will hold the Mala and bring the beads towards you, say your mantra for each bead, pull the mala forward to the next bead, chant your next mantra, and so on. You can be closing your eyes or keeping them half open while use the Mala encountered mantra.

Once you made it all the way around the Mala, you are now at the guru. Repeat, if you wish to continue with your meditation instead of crossing the guru bead, flip them all around and go back the other way. It’s considered disrespectful to crossover the guru bead.

The most important part of meditation is to focus on your intention and to relax your mind. Started daily meditation routine by dedicating 15 minutes of your day and gradually increase the amount of time you meditate every day to your desired level. Make sure you progress at a consistent amount in your meditation practice, as this will help you transform your life and reap all of the amazing benefits of Japa meditation.

You’ll see a lot of people wearing mala beads, and there’s a big debate whether that’s okay or not. I do wear my males sometimes, and I have a mala that I like to wear, and it can serve as a beautiful reminder of your practice and your intentions. So if you do choose to wear your Mala, that’s totally fine.

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