How to Utilize a Translation Company to Increase Brand Awareness

Marketingby Mashum Mollah20 November 2020

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You may be surprised to learn how significantly a translation company can help increase brand awareness. There are many types of specialized translation services out there, and one of those specialties is marketing. This makes it possible to use translation to increase brand awareness when you’re expanding to engage a demographic that speaks another language or into a whole new region. Below we’ll look at how to work with a translation company to get quality translations and cost-efficient translations for your marketing messages.

Using a translation company to achieve cost-efficient translation relevant to your business

First, let’s define what a professional translator does. Translators change the text from one language to another. They may also adjust translations in writing to enhance their quality.

How do you ensure translation quality? Not all translators have the same expertise, which is where specialized translation comes into play. As we mentioned above, a key translation specialism is marketing and business translation. Find a translation company or individual translator that focuses on cost-efficient translations in the marketing sector, rather than a general translator. If you’re working on a business marketing strategy, for example, then a linguist with marketing experience will be more valuable to you than one without. Translators who focus on marketing will be skilled at delivering the right tone, translating idioms, and so forth. They should also have a broad understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing to audiences who speak the language they specialize in.

Services that provide quality translations for marketing will translate documents including:

  • Ads
  • Social media content
  • Sales letters
  • Flyers
  • Marketing emails
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Websites

What are the qualities of a good translation? When it comes to marketing, not only does the copy need to be engaging, but it also needs to be appropriately localized. Localization is the process of changing a product or message to fit into the new market, but in a way where the core message stays as similar as possible.

A localization team may:

  • Change graphics
  • Change the layout so it fits the new language
  • Adjust currency symbols, dates, or other details that need reformatting
  • Make sure the product or message is culturally sensitive
  • Check to make sure the messaging fit local market regulations

If you want a local agency, search local keywords like translation company London or document translation company in the UK. This should help you find the local expertise you need.

You may use translators to handle internal communications. This is especially beneficial if you have team members in another region who speak another language. For instance, you might also have to talk to other professionals abroad, such as distributors. In that case, translators can handle cost-efficient translations of documents like emails, memos, presentations, technical documents, and contracts.

Quality Translations for Social Media

Social media has had a staggering impact on the business world. Consumers are actually 21% more likely to spend more if they receive good customer service on social media. Publicly delivering good service has never been more important.

However, there’s a huge imbalance of perception. 80% of companies believe they give exceptional social media customer service, but only 8% of customers agree. This shows that, while using social media can certainly boost sales, few companies are truly aware of how well they are managing it.

That’s where you need to find a specialized translation that can help you with the marketing process. Many companies that work with marketing translation cover social media translation since the two are so intrinsically linked these days.

Social media can get confusing fast. There are many different platforms, each with their own ways of posting. Instagram tends to be more image-based, for instance, versus Twitter’s text posts. Some sites allow for longer posts and others want micro-content. A good translation industry will include platform conventions in their basic rules of translation.

Social media is a more personalized way of communicating a marketing message than more indirect mass media methods such as adverts. That means you’re meeting customers where they hang out. Using their language and coming off as genuine is more important than ever. Quality translations can help with sounding native to the area and demographic, while still keeping the tone of your corporate message intact. It can also help you determine where a local demographic hangs out online and how to interact with people using that specific platform.

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Online Using Specialized Translation

If you’re expanding overseas, you might also have to keep your digital sales platforms like your eCommerce site in mind when it comes to arranging quality translations. Making sure your eCommerce site is well-formatted and translated will help curb that “dubious overseas company” look that a poorly translated eCommerce site can have.

Marketing translation services often cover many parts of an eCommerce site. They can update the currency symbols, change the layout for the text in the new language, and change the website so that it fits local consumer expectations, as well as translating the text itself.

Another part of using translation to increase brand awareness these days is digital advertising.  Digital advertising differs in key ways from traditional ads. Print ads are designed to draw the eye to a certain part of a page and may have to tell the consumer all about the product on that one page. Digital ads, on the other hand, often use attention-grabbing graphics to entice people to click to product pages, where the product is described in more detail. Marketing translation services can help entice local consumers to click the ad, as well as translating the text on the product pages themselves using quality translations that will encourage the reader to buy.

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