VoIP Phone Service 101: Everything You Must To Learn About How It Works And How You’ll Benefit

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VoIP Phone Service

Do you know why regular phones are still very expensive despite the emergence of companies like Telnum which provides VoIP virtual phone number services? Because there’s a lot of hardware to maintain – from copper wires to telephone lines.

That’s why so many establishments are now making the change to VoIP phone services. And as the number of people relying on internet-reliant communication for their business increases, traditional services will only become more expensive to maintain quality.

If you’re still on the rocks with opting for more advanced VoIP, then this article is for you. Here, you’ll find about:

  • What it is
  • How it would work
  • How VoIP phone services become beneficial for your or any business

From there, you can decide what would work best in terms of financial viability, flexibility, and operability. Ready to get started?

What is a VoIP phone service?

Think of VoIP phone service as a normal phone – you can start a call as you normally would. The distinct difference is it uses the internet and gets rid of telephone lines to connect you with another person.

There are two types which you may get based on your needs:

Fixed VoIP phone service

Having your fixed VoIP, a number is tied to a location. This is what businesses normally get in place of regular phones.


  • It’s much harder for scammers to use because you need to present proof of address in order to get it.
  • It gives businesses more credibility since it’s harder to fake.


  • It’s more expensive since you’ll need to purchase a VoIP router.
  • You’ll need to pay extra for an overseas call.
  • You will have to wait longer before it’s set up.

Non-fixed VoIP phone service

area code

With this arrangement, you can get numbers tied to any area code. Let’s assume you’re from France. You can get a Netherlands number easily.


  • You don’t need any additional equipment to start making VoIP calls.
  • It is much quicker to process because there are no additional requirements.
  • You don’t need to pay for an overseas call because you could easily obtain a number in the area that you call.

How does VoIP phone service work?

Instead of relying on telephone lines to transfer voice data, this sends them to the VoIP provider through the internet. After that, they translate them into phone signals before sending them to a traditional phone.

You may use either of these two ways to make this happen:

SIP trunking

SIP trunking is normally associated with fixed VoIP because you must set up additional equipment. With this method, you may be able to integrate existing equipment and processes for VoIP.

Hosted PBX

With the usage of hosted PBX, the provider takes care of everything – including the routing and responding to the calls as well as supplementary messaging functions.

How can a VoIP phone service be beneficial?

Below are the reasons a purchase of VoIP phone service would be more advantageous than continuing with regular phones:

It’s cheaper

You can drive down your costs by as much as 70% by making the switch.

You’ll notice how the prices aren’t that different compared with phone companies’ offers. But they charge for every extra feature that you will need. VoIP covers all costs with just one payment.

It’s much more flexible

Even remote workers can use the company VoIP phone service. And as they can work practically in any place in the world and location isn’t an issue, you’ll be able to scout top talents.

It’s also easier to adjust the number of lines you need because VoIP contracts are normally very flexible.

Provide “local” customer service even without an office there

Because you can obtain a number with any area code, you can provide “local” support to any country. This can also affect your sales numbers as being perceived as more reachable will make you more trustworthy to your customers.

Improve the efficiency of your workers

call centers

In the case of call centers, you’ll want your agents to constantly be in a call to maximize productivity. With this service, any customer call would be automatically directed to any available agent so more calls are addressed per working day.

It’s integrated into other communication

You can do more than just call. You can also communicate via instant messaging or even video conferencing, among other things as part of the package.

VoIP services are the future. Given the rewards of getting one, it makes sense you strongly consider it. Cheaper, more reliable, and faster – as the business continues evolving to meet your clients’ needs, communication should not be left out. It must reflect your modernity.

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