Was The French Revolution Successful? Explained In 2021

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Was The French Revolution Successful

Was the French Revolution successful?

This question arises a controversy from the time when with the ending of the French Revolution. And in order to tow the answer to this particular question, we first need to know some basic information about the French Revolution, and also when was the French revolution took place? 

The French revolution, also known as the Revolution of 1789, was like a drainage event in modern European history. As this revolution began in 1789, it is also named The Revolution of 1789. With the rise of Napolean Bonaparte in the late 1790s, the revolution was ended. 

The Causes Of The French Revolution

The Causes Of The French Revolution

With the ending of the 17th century and when the 18th century was coming close, France was on the brink of bankruptcy. Are you searching for the reason? Let me tell you, France was directly involved in the Americal revolution. And in addition to it, the excessive spending of King Louis XVI and his forerunner left France out of money. 

But we can not blame the royal coffers only because the last two decades before the France revolution, poor harvests, cattle diseases, drought, increasing bread prices had risen the disturbance between the urban poor and peasants. 

And when the regime failed to offer the common people any relief but imposed heavy taxes, the common people express their irritation and desperation by striking, looting, and rioting. 

Charles Alexandre de Calonne, and Louis XVI’s controller general, had proposed a package of financial reformation at the end of 1786. This financial package consisted of a universal tax for land that was no longer freeing the privileged classes. 

In order to gather support for that measures and also anticipating an aristocratic revolt that was growing at that time, the king asked the Les états généraux, Estates-General, for an assembly. This was for representing the nobility, middle class, and clergy of France. Do you know what was the more interesting? Since 1614, it was for the first time. 

In the year 1789, on 5th May, a meeting was scheduled. In the meantime, from each locality, delegates of three estates would gather the list of injustice, wrongs for presenting in front of the king. 

The Third Estate Rise

Since the year 1614, the population of France had experienced a considerable change. At that time, the nonaristocratic members of the third estate became the representer of 98% of the people, but the other two bodies always outvoted them. 

In the may 5 meeting, this Third estate had started to collect support for an equal representation by the abolishment of the traditional noble veto. In simple words, in place of the ongoing system of voting by status, they wanted to start voting by the head. 

At that time, when all the orders were pointing to a common desire for jurisdiction and fiscal reform along with a more appropriate form of government, in particular, the nobles were unwilling to give up those privileges that they were enjoying under the traditional system. 

Was The French Revolution Successful?

If we consider the fact that French Revolution has helped the Third Estate in obtaining more power, then we can say that the French Revolution was successful. 

In 1789 at the beginning of the French Revolution, the common people of France united together in order to pursue their common goal. The storming of the Bastile had forced King Louis XVI to give the Third Estate more attention and power. 

On the other hand, the common population of France was also successful in achieving their freedom and right. So, with this aspect, we can say that the French revolution was successful. 

Though it is true that when it is about the rights of the common people of France, the French Revolution was successful, at the beginning of this revolution, it failed majorly in its attempt to toppling the aristocracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that also come to our mind when we are discussing the success of the French revolution. 

Was The French Revolution Successful In Achieving Its Goals?

Though at times, the French Revolution degenerated into a chaotic blood bath and also failed to achieve all of its goals. But it has played a critical role in shaping all the modern nations by showcasing the power of people’s will. 

What Was The Result Of the French Revolution?

We can consider the end of the monarchy as a result of the French Revolution. In 1793, King Louis XVI was executed. When Napoleon Bonaparte took power, the French Revolution ended in 1799 November. He became Emperor in the year 1804.

Was The French Revolution Really A Revolution? 

The Revolution of 1789 is another name for the French Revolution. This revolutionary movement took place between 1787 and 1799, shook France. In 1789, it reached its first climax. 

The Revolution of 1789, this convectional term denotes the end of the ancien régime in France. So, from this viewpoint, it was a revolution indeed.    

Final Thought

From the above discussion, we can come to the conclusion that the French Revolution was partly successful. However, it was able to establish the right of the common people of France. But it majorly failed in toppling the aristocracy, which eas another attempt of this revolution. 

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