5 Ways Therapy Can Change Your Life, According to Celebrities

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Although it might seem like celebrities lead perfect, problem-free lives, the reality is that mental health issues don’t discriminate. Everyone can be negatively affected by disorders like anxiety and depression. Below, find quotes from five celebrities who have spoken out about therapy and its amazing benefits.

1. Brooke Shields

She experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter Rowan. As she explained in an interview, she was surprised. She couldn’t believe it when her doctor stated that she was suffering from postpartum depression and gave her a prescription for the antidepressant Paxil.

Brooke Shields wasn’t thrilled to be taking drugs. Even so, Shields did what was best not only for herself but for the important people in her life. Furthermore, she accepted that the drugs and weekly therapy sessions are what saved her and her family. She makes a great point about therapy; it doesn’t just affect the person receiving it, but everyone around them as well.

2. J.K. Rowling

The author of the Harry Potter series struggled to cope with her overwhelming success. She said, for her, everything was so sudden. Everything changed so rapidly that she didn’t know what was happening around her. She knew no one who’d ever been in the public eye. she didn’t know anyone – anyone – to whom she could turn and say, ‘What do you do?’” So, how did J.K. Rowling get past this tough time in her life?

According to her, she had to go to therapy. Today, she presents herself as one of the big fans of therapy. This just goes to show how even the most successful and famous people can benefit from talking with a mental health professional!

3. Kourtney Kardashian

She has been very open about her views on mental health services. She thinks counseling is really important. It has always brought her comfort made her feel so much better after the interview. Kardashian went on to suggest everyone should go. People are like, ‘It’s so expensive and this or that,’ but that’s more important than buying clothes or a handbag or shoes.

It might be unexpected to hear one of the Kardashians proclaiming that therapy is more important than material items, but Kourtney is absolutely right! Going to therapy can truly change your life in a way that a pair of shoes simply cannot.

4. Lena Dunham

Lena is yet another celebrity who has extolled the virtues of therapy while discussing the anxiety she has experienced most of her life. It’s wonderful to hear celebrities speaking up and normalizing anxiety because it’s the most common mental illness. About one in five adults lives with an anxiety disorder!

If you struggle with excessive worry and fear, you may be living with anxiety; https://www.mind-diagnostics.org/anxiety-test/ offers a free assessment if you’re interested. As Dunham said in an interview about anxiety and treatment, Therapy is paying someone to listen to you stammer until you find what’s important. Dunham went on to explain that her therapist has taught her to be less cruel to herself.

Through therapy, Dunham was able to work through her anxiety and find ways to cope that made her life more enjoyable.

5. Halle Berry

Halle has been in the spotlight for decades, explained that therapy had been a part of her life for quite a while. She has done therapy on an as-needed basis since she was probably ten years old. She then explains that her father was an alcoholic and a very abusive one, and her mother knew the value of providing me with the outlet of an unbiased person to talk to, so she has done that all her life when times get stressful.

Amazingly, Berry has turned to therapy multiple times throughout her life, knowing that it will help her work through whatever she is feeling and experiencing at the time. She sets a great example for anyone who finds it challenging to handle their mental health!

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