5 Ways To Get Money Back That We Ignore

Finance by  Sumona 25 July 2022

Almost everyone has a situation in life when there are a couple of hundred left before the paycheck, and they need to stretch it out somehow for a week.

Or, let’s say you want to save up for something serious, but all the money is spent on food, utilities, and other everyday expenses. In this article, the author from the paper writer service shares the money we ignore.

To avoid this, you either have to spend less or earn more. There is a third way, though, which is to recoup some of your spending.

5 Ways Of Getting Money Back That We Ignore

1. Collect debts

Collect debts

When borrowing a large sum of money, drawing up a receipt, or entering into a loan agreement is the order of the day. With these documents, you can go to court and increase your chances of getting your money back.

When it comes to a few hundred or a thousand rubles, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances are usually trusted at their word. But such credulity often fails.

A person who has taken money understands that he will not be pursued by collectors, and even the lender is ashamed to remind him about the debt.

But in fact, it is perfectly normal to inform about the desire to get your savings back. If you find it difficult to tell the person directly, try turning everything into a joke. Or ask to borrow the same amount from him – it happens, and it works.

Finally, you can remind about the loan in the presence of someone whose opinion and attitude the debtor values. Of course, this does not guarantee 100% success, but it seriously increases your chances of getting the money back.

2. Make money from your hobby

Make money

Hobbies often require financial investment – for example, for materials such as paints, brushes, clay, fabric, or products for a beautiful cake. In this case, for a person who chooses a particular hobby, it is more important the process rather than the result.

So why not sell the picture you painted, a vase in decoupage technique, or the very same cake? This will help justify the cost of materials, believe in yourself and your talent, and perhaps find a new stable source of income.

3. Ask for help

impressive amount of money

There are people who just can’t pass by a sick cat, a stray dog, or a person in a difficult situation. But to help in such cases, sometimes you need an impressive amount of money. For example, only tests for especially dangerous infections in animals can take 200-300 dollars. To buy medicine for a familiar in the intensive care unit – probably more.

In such a situation, it is quite normal to ask for help from friends – for example, by posting a post on your page on a social networking site. Surely many of those who know you personally or have been subscribed to you for a long time will respond or repost. As a result, people will feel good that they have joined a useful cause, and you won’t fit into the credit limit.

If everyone who wants to support the initiative transfers you up to 4 thousand rubles, you won’t have to notify the tax office. But putting out receipts to prove expenses is a rule of etiquette and a pledge of decency.

4. Sell old things

Sell old things

Children grow up quickly, and after each season, you can put down a couple of bags of things that have become small. Books you’ve read stop fitting on the shelf at some point, as do CDs of games you’ve been through a dozen times. And then there are old gadgets, working appliances, and furniture that you bought a replacement, board games, clothes that you’re tired of…

Such things are often given to acquaintances for recycling or put out by the trash cans in the hope that someone will take them away. But there’s a better option: take a picture of each item and post it on a free classifieds site.

Agree, someone will definitely be happy with a baby jumpsuit that costs much less than in the store. And someone will like books and board games – also at a good discount compared to new ones. The most important thing is to set an adequate price and be ready for a dialogue.

5. Split the cost

Split the cost

Imagine the situation: you call a cab to the office, and a colleague asks for a ride – he says he’s on his way anyway. He gets out before you, so you pay for the trip.

Another case: you pick up friends at their home to go on a trip together out of town. The car is yours, and you filled up a full tank of fuel yesterday.

In those situations, it’s fine to split the cost. Of course, no one would think of calculating the depreciation of the car for the trip or the cost of the driver’s services, but it’s normal practice to split the gasoline bill equally. So is splitting the cab bill.



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