Free Web Scraping Tools Can Help Get Data Downloads Completed Automatically

Social Media by  Mashum Mollah 23 November 2021

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Human data extraction is much easier than you’d ever think. However, without the use of scraping tools and software, we cannot thoroughly scrape the data we are looking for. If you’re new to web scraping tools, I assume you do not know much about the importance of using tools and software.

3 Market Best Tools For Web Scraping

There are thousands of free web scraping tools out there. Hence, choosing a reliable and user-friendly tool is tricky. Some web scraping tools are misleading and do not serve their purpose.

These three professional web scraping tools will definitely speed up your scrapping process.


The free version of offers you to get what you need within the 200-page limit. If you are dealing with a small project, this tool might be the ideal option. No matter if you are a beginner, their tutorials help you to learn the process very quickly.

These web scraping tools also offer you the Parsehub desktop software. I assume that it can be more convenient for your data scraping project. If you are satisfied with the service provided by, you can go ahead and subscribe to their monthly packages to experience premium features.

2. Data Scraper Data Scraper lets you scrape 500 pages each month for free. Unlike some other scrapers, their free package is worth trying. You can create your own filters and recipes to get the best search results. browser extension is one of the most rated data scrapers. Unfortunately, you will not find a desktop version of these data web scraping tools. They do offer premium packages with additional features to ease your data scraping process.


As a beginner, you can start your data scraping projects using They do not have a desktop version as of now, but the extension is really cool. The speed is impressive, and you can get the search results in seconds. hasn’t mentioned the details about their premium packages. However, if you are working on big projects, you may directly contact these web scraping tools official websites and get to know about the details. That way you can find the best package for you.

2 Important Use Of Web Scraping Tools

Get a clear idea about the competitive market.

The importance of web scraping tools cannot be limited to a few reasons. Having said that, I will explain a few of the major reasons.

1. Perfect Market Data Research

Market research is always good for a business. Knowing its competitors, upcoming trends always help a business to grow. In addition, you can set up clear goals, plan the next step, and improve your product quality depending on the competitors you have got. In a vast marketplace, it is not possible to gather information about other companies.

For instance, data about a product will not be enough for a better analysis of competitors. You need more about history, background, employee details, contact information, and more. Hence web scraping tools can be a significant help to gather the relevant information you need. The web scraping tools are quick, easy to use, and serve their purpose.

2. Automation

The most important thing about web scraping tools is the ability to automate the process. You can collect a large amount of data within a short period of time using data automation. It definitely helps save time and the cost that you will pay for an employee.

The automation process allows you to choose filters and create sophisticated web bots to extract data from the target websites. Primarily, web scraping tools or programming languages are used for the automation process.


When you are using web scraping tools, you can see how your online business will run. And the most critical factor is when you are running an online business. The data is an essential factor. While using web scraping tools, you can easily channelize your business data and develop an accurate business process.

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