Can White Actors Play Black Characters Without Raising Concern?

The capability of an actor should be so defined that their skin tone should not matter. However, there are times when the casting is so wrong that it is quite apparent that the cast directors should have been careful.

The Mexican American individual Tony Mendez is a real person who wrote a book about his experiences in rescuing six U.S. diplomats in the Iran hostage situation. The movie Argo is based on this incident; however, it was Ben Affleck who portrayed this character that was a little out of blue.

Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez

The movie again based on real life incident revolved around an Afro-Cuban and Dutch woman, Mariane Pearl and her search for her husband, a Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl. Angelina Jolie was cast for this role who had to wear skin darkening makeup along with a wig of Afro texture.

Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl

In the movie, the character name is Brandi Boski, the fictional character is based on the real life African American woman, Chante Jawal Mallard. However, the director casted a white actor, Mena Suvari to play the role. in the movie Stuck. It was a car accident where a man was left to slowly bleed to death while being stuck in the car’s windshield.

Mena Suvari As Chante Jawal Mallard