Ways In Which You Use Privilege To Help Others! 

Privilege is significant in life and in society yet, it is important to know about your identity and awareness. With this awareness, you can help others combat several issues that oppress people on a regular basis.

Show Empathy

Cultivate open dialogue along with acknowledging hardships of the people who constantly experience challenges. Show empathy to the minority people as they will receive more support from your awareness.

Relativity Of Privilege

Even if you receive privilege, intersectionality and identities create social responsibility thus defending the people who cannot take a stand for themselves. Even with benefits, influence the individuals who are facing social challenges.

Stand Up For Systematic Injustice

The systematic injustice must be decreased which you can do by using your authority, power and money. You can help the African people, Indigenous people and other minority groups with this awareness by talking about unfairness.