What Are the Requirements for Being a Seafarer?

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Becoming a seafarer has an appeal for many people. It speaks of adventure and travel to distant lands. But it is a difficult job, and it’s not for everyone. There are certain qualities that go into determining whether some are going to make a good seaman. If you are selecting crew for your shipping company or are yourself interested in joining one, these are the traits and skills that you are going to need:

You need to have all necessary certifications

To be a seaman, you need to have all the necessary certifications required to operate or serve onboard a commercial vessel. These rules vary from country to country. But generally, you will need to go through training and courses. You are going to have to take tests or demonstrate proof of completion of degrees to get certified. If your company is looking to hire, ensure that your prospective crew meets all the compliance requirements.

Doing this is necessary to keep your vessel safe and meet insurance requirements. You can hire a seaman maritime manning agency to help you through the recruitment process by providing a verified group of candidates. To be able to get the job, you need to show proof of English proficiency as well.

Your physical and mental fitness matter

To be able to spend weeks and sometimes months at sea, you are going to require both mental and physical fitness. Working on a ship in any capacity requires a lot of physical work. You are going to need to operate heavy equipment and move loads from time to time. You should also be able to withstand high or low temperatures, along with the intense sun. Seasickness is another obstacle that mariners have to deal with. To qualify, you should not have any chronic or communicable diseases. You should also not be underweight or overweight as this can affect your performance.

You should be able to pass a background check

To be able to man a vessel, you have to be free of criminal history and misdemeanors. This is important as the safety of the crew or passengers will be in your hands. At this point, the company doing your background check will contact your previous employers. They will also check your citizenship status. Since you will have to travel to different countries, you must be eligible to enter these countries. If you have a travel ban issued against you or have criminal records, you might not be able to enter through certain ports. A third-party company can help you carry out the background checks if you are hiring a crew.

Becoming a seaman is not an easy job. But if you are eligible and pass all the requirements, you will gain a lifetime of experience. The pay scale for being a seaman is high. All of these make going through the long-and sometimes expensive-process of qualifying worthwhile for many people. If you are recruiting for a shipping company, you should aim to find these motivated candidates for the job.

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