Why FG 100F Is Perfect For The Security Of Your Business

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Security Of Your Business

Rapid advances in technology have improved and streamlined operations for businesses across diverse industries. However, we must never forget that this exposes businesses to a host of challenges. Emerging digital devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud networks becoming the preferred mode of data storage cyber attacks are a looming danger.

You may think that your business is secure and protected, but you should know that cybercriminals are always devising smarter ways of breaching even the most advanced security systems. They are always scheming on how to use more sophisticated attacks to penetrate your system infrastructure.

Attacks such as phishing, denial of service, and identity theft can result in massive financial losses and result in loss of sensitive company and client data. These attacks can also taint your business reputation that you could have taken years to build. Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F is a powerful device for your mid-sized business that helps avert cyber threats hence protecting your business and clients.

What Is The Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F?

The FortiGate 100F series is equipped with a sophisticated firewall and SD-WAN capabilities for small, medium, and large enterprise distributed locations.

In today’s interconnected world, every business has to invest in cybersecurity. And with the internet being a core resource, firewall security should be a key component of your cybersecurity strategy.

Firewall tools are not only indispensable in protecting hardware and securing digital assets, but also play a critical role in blocking system users from accessing prohibited sites and filtering web traffic. Utilizing network mapping will alert you before problems occur, map all connected devices, and help protect your network. Advanced firewall configurations will also tip you off if a data breach or intrusion is detected. This allows you to act swiftly to stop cyberattacks hence significantly minimizing damage.

What Does A Firewall Do?

You probably know that firewalls protect networks from cyber-attacks. But you may not realize how vital or versatile a firewall can be. Basically, a firewall is a configurable device with software that blocks out unwanted internet traffic from getting into your network. A digital firewall is designed to act as a barrier between your business network and external cyber threats. It authenticates traffic flowing in and out of your network via a set of rules that determines whether such kind of traffic is allowed or prohibited.

Your business can also capitalize on more sophisticated firewall configurations and add-ons to protect sensitive data, log network usage and prevent access to certain websites.

Some Of The Benefits Of Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F Firewall Protection

Here are some of the benefits your business can derive from investing in Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F

1. Cyber Security Attack Prevention

Enhanced cybersecurity is certainly a core benefit of using firewalls. Firewalls will block malicious programs from being installed on your systems. They also play a critical role as part of a multilayer cybersecurity strategy to protect your systems against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. They can also block unauthorized network use and stop all sorts of intrusions.

2. Threat Detection

Your firewall will also alert you if something’s amiss in your network. For instance, add-on tools will scan outgoing traffic for all sensitive data and classified information. This allows you to mitigate risks and minimize any damage from potential data breaches if suspicious traffic is detected.

3. Compliance

If you are in finance, law, or the healthcare industry the law requires that you adhere to stipulated guidelines governing digital use. This typically requires that you install a firewall. Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F will help you meet industry standards so that your business remains compliant.

4. Block Prohibited Sites

Though it’s impossible to run a business without capitalizing on the internet. The web is home to a host of cybersecurity risks. Your firewall can be programmed to block all sites that you don’t want your employees to visit.

5. Security For Mobile And Remote Workers

Depending on your business model you may have workers accessing your network from outside the office. However, having users outside your ISP can pose a host of cyber risks. A firewall will help secure connections between your internal network and external users. This ensures that users on a shared or unsecured connection don’t interrupt or listen in on your traffic.

6. Data Loss Prevention

Your firewall settings can be programmed to look into downloaded files or those moving into your network. This way it’s easy to spot files that may have accidentally been deleted or moved by malicious actors.

What Is An SD-WAN?

This is a virtual architecture that allows businesses and diverse organizations to utilize a combination of transport services of their choice such as basic broadband internet, LTE, and MPLS to connect users to applications in a secure manner. This is achieved by;

  • Verifying the sender, receiver, and packets being sent
  • Using encryption keys shared by sending and receiving hosts and using private and public-key encryption.
  • Protecting packets from any tampering by using the ESP protocol.
  • Authenticating that the origin of packets is trustworthy by use of an Authentication Header (AH).

SD-WAN Visibility

One of the core benefits of the SD-WAN is the level of network visibility it offers. Network administrators are able to orchestrate and manage the network centrally and monitor it for any traffic inconsistencies. This kind of functionality ensures that applications perform optimally, facilitates the troubleshooting of network problems, and ensures that all policies and security elements are running correctly.

Application-level visibility provides details on the applications that are using your bandwidth, the number of resources they are using, and how they are performing. This kind of visibility allows administrators to establish and implement security policies on the kind of applications and IP addresses that users can access.

Device-level visibility not only displays data on applications creating traffic, but also on the specific devices accessing particular applications, and the person using the device. This kind of visibility gives greater granularity to the kind of policies that would bolster cybersecurity. It can categorize users and determine their level of access.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F Is A Powerful Device For Your Mid-Sized Business

1. The Growth Of Cloud Data

The bigger the business, the more your operations and the amount of data generated. Even small and medium-sized businesses have lots of data pertaining to sales, personnel, customers, suppliers, and lots of other data. To streamline operations and resolve storage issues you may have backed up your data in a private cloud. While most cloud providers have sophisticated security systems, your data still exists online and is susceptible to security breaches.

Cyber threats are direr for large organizations due to the vast amounts of sensitive information involved. However, this also poses a huge risk for small and medium businesses. Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F is a powerful device to protect your mid-sized business from all sorts of attacks.

2. Employee Errors

This is another primary aspect that can increase the susceptibility of your business to cyber-attacks. Adopting a host of security measures isn’t enough. You must also train your staff to be alert and vigilant while using your systems. Even the slightest error such as clicking on a foreign link can bring down your entire system. Every staff member should also know that they can’t divulge sensitive information.

3. Advent Of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the norm today with a host of devices, security and data systems being automated. While this provides loads of convenience and control, it also means that everything from computer systems, laptops, smartphones, biometric prints, and security codes are all automated and susceptible to attacks.

IoT has made life convenient at the personal and business level. However, it has also given cybercriminals a loophole they can use to infiltrate sensitive systems and gain access to a business’ private data. Hence as IoT gets more popular by the day so should solutions such as the Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F is a powerful device for your mid-sized business.

4. Sophisticated Attacks

As you protect your business from malware and a host of other cyber threats it’s critical that you always know what you are up against. As security systems advance, so do the skills and tools used by cybercriminals. They will keep on staging more sophisticated attacks that get more difficult to detect and tackle. Therefore investing in IT security such as Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F should be a top priority for every business.

5. Protecting Your Reputation And Goodwill

It can take years to build a successful business. It takes great business acumen, an unflinching vision, long hours, and hard work. But imagine losing everything you’ve worked for and the reputation you’ve built in the blink of an eye. This is what cybercriminals thrive on, they will do what it takes to detect and capitalize on your system vulnerabilities to bring your business to its knees. They can corrupt your server, putting your site out of use resulting in lost sales and customers, worse still they can lock you out of your system until you agree to pay a ransom or steal sensitive client information subjecting your business to hefty lawsuits and fines. This is more the reason why the Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F is a powerful device for your mid-sized business.

Fortinet’s Fortigate FG-100F is definitely a powerful device for all sizes of businesses across diverse industries.

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