7 Working Ways to Stay Healthy When Working in Office!

Health & Fitness by  Mashum Mollah 07 April 2021

Working Ways to Stay Healthy

It’s ironic to realize that as much as people resent going to the office daily, they end up spending most part of their day in an office itself! The connotations of office have changed irretrievably in the last few decades.

Now, in addition to salary and incentives, your office also gives you steady appointments to physiotherapists and ophthalmologists, thanks to the increasingly blurring lines between work-life balances.

Considering the present working conditions, the startup and dotcom work culture, it has become very important to take charge of your health, and not just by taking a morning stroll or skipping a lift to take stairs.

Charity begins at home and fitness begins at office, and with that thought here are some healthy habits which can certainly avert a medical appointment for you.

A healthy diet:

A healthy diet

First things first, most working professionals tend to not take care of their food and dietary habits which deteriorates their digestion and metabolism.

A few Friday night drinks and Monday afternoon snacks can really contribute to fat accumulation around your torso and on your face.

Making your own meals, eating home-cooked food, and following a healthy diet regimen may seem like an extra effort but one can just go out on a limb and say that it serves you right in the long run.

Take small breaks:

Working endlessly before your computer screen only to take an hour-long break for lunch might be a flex among your peers but it is not exactly a healthy habit and must be discontinued. You must keep taking short breaks from the computer screen and office chair.

Taking a break does not mean that you start surfing social media or start talking on the phone. Try to socialize with your co-worker. You can also synchronize your breaks with a few peers so that none of you has the urge to browse their phone.

Hydrate yourself:

Hydrate yourself

People often forget to drink water while working and this is a major reason for many ailments. Lack of water makes you lethargic and prone to fatigue.

Moreover, it also makes your skin devoid of its natural luster. Thus, it becomes extremely important to make sure that your liquid diet is as balanced as your solid diet. Avoid soft drinks or fizzy drinks at all costs and stick to water and plenty of juices.

Ditch the chair:

Your office chair is perhaps the closest piece of furniture for you. Almost 80% of your total office time is spent on that chair, which is exactly the reason for multiple health concerns.

People who are confined to a desk job often suffer from neck spasms, severe backache, and bad posture. All of these problems have one simple solution- ditch the chair and switch to standing desks. Standing desks keep the body in motion and reduces risks of obesity and heart-related problems.

A standing desk can be difficult to adapt to change initially but gradually you will begin to realize that it is better to stand than to sit while working!

Avoid artificial sweeteners:

Spending 8-10 hours in the office can be a daunting task and most employees subject themselves to a heavy beverage diet, most of which include artificial sweeteners. Sugar must be avoided at all costs in order to maintain the blood glucose level. If you wish to stick to beverages, make sure to use natural sweeteners like honey or fruit juice.

Office workout:

Working out is not an activity that should stick to your gym or home, especially when you are working at a place that is far, far away from becoming a 9-5 stint. Develop the habit of working out while sitting at your desk. Wall sits, chair dips, and calf raises are some basic exercises that you can do while working.



Standing desks are by far the best way to maintain your posture. Sitting for long hours can result in slouching or sagging. In fact, if you remain busy on your phone as part of your job, there are chances of your developing a turkey neck.

Thus, it is always advisable to opt for a standing desk over a chair.

Long story short, spending relentless hours in the office is a cause for concern unless you are taking charge of the situation. Switching to a healthy lifestyle can also begin right in the office if you are willing to make some adjustments.

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