Why Your Workplace Needs A Bin Lifter

Greenby Ariana Smith25 August 2018

Workplace Needs A Bin Lifter

Waste management is a vital part of most businesses. There is always going to be waste, and while many of us are improving when it comes to separating general waste and recycling into different kinds of bins, as the population grows, so does the amount of waste. That means there is an increase in the different manual waste handling processes, such as emptying bins into larger industrial bins or even skips.

Safety Always Comes First 

Lifting and then emptying a heavy bin is actually deemed a hazardous manual task. Safe Work Australia describes such hazardous manual tasks as those where you must lower, lift, pull, push, hold, carry or retrain something. Each year, sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of serious claims made by workers for different musculoskeletal injuries and disorders as a result of hazardous manual tasks in the workplace.

One of the main culprits of injuries is having to manually lift heavy wheelie bins into industrial bins. In fact, wheelie bins must be emptied into skips or industrial bins, an appropriate lifting device must be provided in the workplace. Fortunately, there is a broad range of bin lifters on the market.

How Do Bin Lifters Help?

If your place of work has manual waste handling issues, it is well worthwhile investing in the right bin lifter to do all that heavy work for you. For instance, dumpsters for rental in washington PA will arrange everything for you in no time. Without any additional inconvenience, you’ll have a bin lifter to use outside of your workplace.

Bin lifters are usually designed with the utmost usability and safety in mind. They come equipped with safety panels and are typically powered by a handy push-button hydraulic system. This makes bin lifters the ideal solution for places like apartment blocks, schools, shopping centers, and pretty much anywhere else where pedestrian access is difficult to restrict. Single operators can usually empty wheelie bins from 80 liters all the way up to 240 liters safely and effortlessly and can handle hefty weights of up to 250kg.

The Major Benefits of Bin Lifters

  • One user can lift up to 150kg with a basin bin lifter or as much as 250kg with a more top-of-the-range lifter – all with the simple press of the button.
  • Safety cage panels mean there are no hand or foot crush points for bystanders and operators alike.
  • There is zero risks of manual handling injuries when lifting heavy loads above shoulder height. Bin lifters do all the work.
  • There are braking castors for added stability as well as making mobility and maneuverability so much easier.
  • Lockable safety doors prevent any unauthorized usage.
  • Bin tipping height can be close to 3,000mm.
  • The bin cradle often comes with a guide to lock a bin’s wheel in place and is designated a bright safety color.
  • Bin lifters are compatible with wheelie bins of 80l, 120l, 140l, 240l.
  • Hydraulic lift and tilt mechanism ensure that there is no impact with either the bin or falling debris.
  • Bin lifters can be used with 1500mm and 1800mm skip bins.
  • The operation lift cycle time is a matter of seconds.
  • Battery operated hydraulic units come with a rechargeable battery and a smart charger.

With all the points discussed above, getting a bin lifter to help with your workplace’s waste management is highly beneficial. Contact a trusted provider near you today.

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