YouTube’s Online Gaming Innovation: Testing New Product for Next-Level Gaming Experience

Gamingby Ankita Tripathy24 June 2023

YouTube's Online Gaming

An email sent to employees at Google’s parent company indicates that YouTube is testing a product for playing online games internally, indicating plans to move beyond video hosting into games that are simple to play and share among users.

YouTube stated that the company was experimenting with new features and had “nothing to announce right now,” adding that gaming has long been a focus. YouTube intends to capitalize on the immense popularity of its platform, which is already a prominent hub for game streaming and live gameplay footage, with this new initiative.

According to the report, the company invited its employees to begin testing the new YouTube product called “Playables,” and games like the arcade game “Stack Bounce” were available for testing.

These games are intended to be played directly through YouTube’s web browsers, as well as on mobile devices running the Android or iOS operating systems, to guarantee accessibility. YouTube’s intention to cater to a wide range of users and provide them with a seamless gaming experience regardless of their preferred device is reflected in this multi-platform strategy.

While the spokesperson for YouTube acknowledged the company’s ongoing experimentation with new features, they also emphasized the company’s long-standing focus on gaming. However, there have not yet been any specific announcements regarding the Playables product.

Despite the slowdown in advertising spending, the company will continue to look into opportunities that are in line with CEO Neal Mohan’s strategic vision of diversifying into promising growth avenues.

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