4 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned

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4 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned

Canada has its abundance of magnificent arboricultural wonders to display each year, be it in the winter, spring, summer or fall. However, being as varied as it is, there are several good reasons for Edmonton landowners to prune their landscape no matter the species or height.

Let’s examine at least four good reasons to have your trees pruned, including liability for landowners and homeowners as a primary factor.

Removal Of Hazardous Branches And Limbs:

The removal of hazardous branches by trained professionals with ISA credentials can greatly reduce the chance of you, a loved one, a pet or a neighbour suffering an injury from a falling branch. ISA credentials are imperative unless you want to irreparably damage your trees by hiring amateurs who might tear a limb off and leave a gaping wound in the trunk.

Easily blown off or broken off by high winds or winter storms, unkempt branches could make you subject to legal action from injuries caused by such events. Branches that hang over your own or another’s roof, or are intertwined with power lines, set the stage for major headaches.

If you’re going to hire professionals to prune your trees, then hiring trained ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist credential holders is a must. Being that they come back with at least three years of hands-on work experience; consequently, you’ll avoid most issues of liability as they put their skills and knowledge to work for you. These professionals have a firm foundation in knowing which better equipment and techniques to use for a particular project. Consider hiring specialists to take care of your trees before winter sets in, so that ice storms and high winds don’t damage your trees or your property in the long Canadian winter.

Avoid Arbor Diseases:

Another reason to prune your Alberta tree landscapes is that it simply provides a cost-effective means to treat disease and even eliminate it from spreading if the disease is already present.

Beautifying The Edmonton Landscape:

Perhaps the most important reason to prune trees in Canada is that land values typically increase when they are aesthetically enhanced; furthermore, the environment grows and is maintained in a healthy and eco-friendly manner. As such, lawns or acres of trees that are sickly or poorly managed can easily detract from the value of a home or real estate property.

Encouraging Fruit Production:

4 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned

Simply said, any fruit tree will benefit from the pruning of its branches and may prove quite lucrative for its owner. Once pruned, a stage for disease is eliminated and fruit spurs shoot forth in time for next year’s harvest.

The pruning process typically begins with a knowledge of when it’s time to prune a tree. Following are several signs that you may need a professional arborist:

– Branches touching your home, building or power lines.

– Loose hanging or unsightly branches near your home.

– You’ve not pruned or trimmed during the previous three years.

– You simply want to have your trees look nicer thereby increasing the property’s curb appeal.

That being said, please remember that tree pruning or trimming is the cornerstone of a health-conscious tree care management program. As such, is both an art form and science as well; If you try self-pruning, then you might not only cause irreparable damage to your cherished green asset, you could also open yourself to other forms of liability as well.

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