4 Tips for Balancing a Business Education and Work

Businessby Mashum Mollah08 January 2020

Business Education and work

The comedian Jim Gaffigan once described the experience of having multiple kids — “Imagine you’re drowning and someone hands you a baby.” It’s an apt description for parents, to be sure, and one that applies strikingly well to the idea of getting a business degree while you’re already working full-time. You know those limited hours you have to relax during the week and on the weekends? You’re now going to be devoting those to classrooms, lectures, and homework for your business education and work.

Of course, getting a business management degree is well worth it, if only for the salary boost it can provide. So how do you fit a business education and work into your already-packed lifestyle without completely losing your mind?

Here are a few tips to stay sane through the process:

Check Out Online Options

While many prefer an on-campus business education and work, fitting class schedules with work obligations is tough and you’re adding countless hours of commuting time to your year. Online business programs have come a long way and many now offer the same level of business education and work you’d find at an on-campus program. The only area they may come up short is in networking and team-building, and there are ways you can supplement those. For instance, if you already work in an office, you’ll have plenty of real-world chances to practice the skills you’re learning.

Online business degrees typically come in two varieties: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous programs mimic the college experience in that you’ll be asked to virtually “attend” classes or lectures at predetermined times. Asynchronous programs allow you to complete assignments at your pace, which is often a better route for full-time businesspeople.

Make a Schedule

Figuring out how much time you devote to work is simple; working in hours for the study will require some adjustment. The best way to ensure you meet all your deadlines is to make a schedule and stick to you as much as possible. To do this, think about the time you’re most productive. If it’s the early morning hours when things are quiet, set your alarm and carve out some time on the calendar to knock out homework. If you work better at night, use those hours to your best advantage. The important thing is to write it all down (or add it to a calendar app); otherwise, your load can become overwhelming and tasks can fall through the cracks.

Make Time for Yourself

The burnout is real. To prevent it (or at least mitigate it), make sure your schedule allows for some “me” time. Many find exercise to be a fantastic way to escape while still doing something beneficial for your physical and mental health. Running, biking, lifting weights, doing yoga or hitting the gym have all been shown to improve memory and promote a feeling of well-being. However, if the thought of exercise stresses you out, it may do more harm than good (at least for this period of time), so don’t be too hard on yourself. If your idea of recovery looks more like popcorn and binge-watching your favorite shows, that’s okay too. Just make sure you take time for self-care.

Find a Support System

Before you head down this challenging path, make sure you have the support of those around you. Parents, spouses, kids, and friends will need to understand the importance of what you’re doing and how it may affect them. With family, a good way to do this is to have a family meeting or a serious chat around the dinner table. Outline the sacrifices they may need to make to help you through it. Make a plan to share household responsibilities and share your vision for how things will change. Getting everyone in your life on board will make the transition smoother and your path to an improved business management career infinitely easier.

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