Which Is the Best Telegram Mod? Features to Select From

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Best Telegram Mod

Telegram appeared eight years ago and managed to improve the service significantly. Such rivals as YouTube and Facebook become less chosen because of too strict rules. Their holders interfere with a user’s privacy, and it irritates everyone. Telegram appreciates one’s privacy and is trusted worldwide. One can set it the way one wants. Which is the best Telegram mod in 2021?

Best Telegram Mod and How to Apply It

Best Telegram Mod and How to Apply It

Today, users try to find out which is the best Telegram mod. This article introduces several of them, and you can try telega.io if you want to save time.

1. Slow Feature

When someone creates a group, it is essential to pay attention to every member. However, sometimes, too many messages complicate the situation. Therefore, the administrator can apply a slow mode to send messages within designated time frames. Due to that, all messages will be read and considered.

2. Timing

Video fans consider timestamps as the best Telegram mod like telega.io. It lets a person watch the video with the desired moment, like YouTube.

3. Animated Emoji

The real fun is to send animated pictures, but emoji provide more fun. A user can enable and disable them when needed. They make conversations interactive.

4. New Color Patterns

Another top Telegram mod is the night one that allows changing average blue and black colors for accent ones.

5. Secret Chats

This one is the best Telegram mod for those who love to keep private conversations a secret. Secret discussions cannot be traced even by the Telegram service. Instead, a user should click the Hamburger icon to start chatting secretly and enable a new conversation.

6. Auto-Delete

When people do not want to bother themselves with cleaning chat histories, it will be possible to choose an auto-delete function. The system will remove messages at the appointed time.

7. Video and audio editors

One usually needs to use an app to alter photos, pictures, and videos. The Telegram lets a user change them inside the program.

8. Conversation Lockers

Which is the best Telegram mod for privacy fans? This one is. If you don’t want someone to read your chats, it is possible to set passwords. Cool, isn’t it?

9. Mute Messages

If you need to send a message, but your partner is at an important meeting, you must apply mute mode. Thanks to that, a receiver’s phone will not make a sound, but a person will read a message and even reply.

10. Unmodified Images

When a person sends a photo, an average social platform compresses it. One can choose an option that allows sending visual images without modifications. The quality will be saved due to this supreme mode.


It is hard to select the mode on Telegram, but you can try telega.io. Moreover, this list is not complete. One can find other great features to enjoy when using this social platform. These are title settings, new attachments, chat folders, message preview, two-step verification, etc. Moreover, the service offers bots that can conversate with those who feel lonely. Such modifications improve the Telegram user’s experience.

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