Is CBD Oil Safe And What’s In It?

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Almost everything is infused with CBD oils these days. From dog treats to sports apparel and pain relief solutions, everyone is interested in the medicinal powers of this cannabis derivative. Consequently, you must wonder, with all the hype, is this a safe product?

CBD is the medicinal component of the cannabis plant, specifical hemp. It has recently grown in popularity because of its holistic approach to addressing several ailments.

Most vendors promise that CBD oil has little to no side effects. Let us take a detailed look at CBD oil and some of its benefits.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil definition

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is low tetrahydrocannabinol derived from the cannabis plant, mostly through CO2 extraction. This oil carries the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant family.

The CBD component of cannabis focuses on pain relief and such welcome effects, while THC carries the psychoactive qualities of the plant.

Therefore, anyone who has reservations about getting high can rest assured that using CBD oils won’t affect them that way.

What’s in CBD Oil?


Cannabis produces oils containing varying concentrations of CBD, THC, and minor cannabinoids. These variations depend on the extraction method. Of all these, CBD oil receives the most attention for obvious reasons, closely followed by THC.

CBD oil may be in pure form ( or may contain terpenes. Terpenes are highly heat-sensitive, so their concentration depends on the extraction method. Some methods allow condensation of evaporated terpenes for later reintroduction into CBD oil.

Terpenes provide an entourage effect to CBD oil. They enhance the oil’s pain relief and other effects while adding flavor and taste to the otherwise tasteless oil. Examples of terpenes include pinene, which reduces anxiety, and linalool, for mood and pain.

Depending on the CBD oil brand you choose, other ingredients may be present that adjust the color, viscosity, or taste.

What Are the Uses of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil benefits

1. Stress and Anxiety Relief

CBD oil has proven effective in relieving anxiety and stress. A 2019 study where researchers administered 300-600mg of CBD in 57 adults showed significant relief from stress. Note that stress and anxiety relief comes down to your ideal dosage and chosen CBD oil brand. Therefore, you need to determine how much CBD oil works best for you.

2. Minimizes PTSD Symptoms

While psychotherapy is the primary solution to addressing PTSD, CBD oil has proven effective in supporting this approach. This relief is primarily associated with how CBD interacts with neurotransmitters to reduce stress and anxiety, with similar effects on PTSD symptoms.

3. Chronic Pain Relief

In the past, people used cannabis for pain relief. Research into the plant revealed that CBD was the primary component responsible for pain relief. The body relies on the endocannabinoid system to regulate several functions, including sleep, pain sensation, appetite, and immune system response.

The system’s endocannabinoids, the neurotransmitters, bind to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. Pain relief occurs when CBD interferes with endocannabinoid receptor activity, thereby reducing inflammation and preventing the transfer of the pain sensation.

4. Improves Sleep Quality

Poor sleep is linked to elevated stress levels where the body produces larger than normal doses of cortisol. CBD oil helps lower cortisol levels, thus improving sleep quality. Ideally, the human body’s cortisol levels are higher during the day than at night. However, insomniacs have higher doses at night, leading to poor sleep quality as they frequently wake up.

Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil?

Most people tolerate CBD oil well. However, there are reported cases of people showing symptoms like diarrhea, fatigue, drowsiness, changes in appetite, etc.

Some reactions come from CBD interaction, while others are from CBD interaction with medication. Therefore, you need to first consult your doctor before taking CBD oil. This way, you’ll learn of your intolerance to any compound in the oil.

Additionally, poor dosage practices could cause some of those symptoms. The best approach is to take small doses of CBD oil as you observe your reaction and its impact. You can increase dosage incrementally until you attain the right one for your needs.


While ongoing research attempts to understand CBD oil further, it has thus far proven effective in addressing several conditions. From pain relief to curing insomnia, CBD oil takes a holistic approach which many people prefer. Pharmaceutical solutions usually have undesirable side effects, further increasing the popularity of CBD oil. You only need to buy CBD hemp oil from the best brand to be certain of the quality and potency.



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