The Benefits Of Attending Feldenkrais Online Zoom Classes

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Feldenkrais Online Zoom Classes

First and foremost, the Feldenkrais method offers a wide range of help for people who are suffering from different conditions, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This process teaches people how to get better, feel better and sustain better health and welfare through different movements.

This does not require any apparatus, machine, or tool, hence your presence wearing your comfortable clothes is more than enough. The good news is, there are available Feldenkrais online zoom classes you can consider attending.

Some are not comfortable when they hear the word “zoom”, as they think that it is just another social media platform that won’t offer them a lot of help.

But actually, there are a lot of good reasons why institutions like Native State, choose “zoom” as a place for them to meet up and hold their classes. To provide a few of the reasons why this is a better place to do so, read below.

Why Zoom Is A Perfect Choice For Feldenkrais Online Classes

Why Zoom Is A Perfect Choice For Feldenkrais Online Classes

There are actually a lot of reasons, and here are to name a very few of them:

1. It is easy to navigate

This is far easier to navigate than any other social media platform. You can actually attend the class by just clicking a link sent by the practitioner. This being said, you do not need to be a tech guru to be able to attend their classes, as this you can do just by clicking a link.

The ease of navigation made it a perfect choice for almost everyone, different age generations, different preferences, different walks of life, and so on.

2. Almost everyone has Zoom access

Yes, almost everyone has access to Zoom, with this, you are assured that everyone can use it when necessary. If you do not have an account just yet, you do not need to borrow someone else’s account, as creating an account in Zoom is very easy.

3. You can participate in classes even when you are in a different city, state, and even country

Yes, Zoom is accessible to almost all parts of the globe, with this, even if you are out of town or out of the country, you can attend your scheduled classes. You do not need to worry about missing a class because you need to travel because of work, since you have Zoomed to make sure that you can attend classes when necessary.

4. You can get to meet everyone on just one screen

What made this a good choice is it gives its users the chance to view all the other participants on just one screen. If there are just too many participants, they can scroll to the next page to see the rest.

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How To Get The Most Out From Your Feldenkrais Online Zoom Class

How To Get The Most Out From Your Feldenkrais Online Zoom Class

There are more things you can do to make your exercise and class more exciting and fun. True that the benefits of the Feldenkrais method alone are more than enough to make you feel completely happy, but needless to say, if there is a way where you can maximize what you get from it, why not go ahead and do so.

There are actually many effective ways to maximize your Feldenkrais online Zoom class, and to name some of them, read below:

a. Speak with other participants

Speaking with other participants is actually a good idea. Through Zoom you can create interactions and even small talks with other participants. You can choose to speak, chat with the group, or even send a personal message.

Building interaction with the rest of the participants makes this activity extra exciting and fun. Sure, you must not expect everyone to respond to your small talks but needless to say, trying to reach out with people you want to build a friendship with is still a good idea.

You are in Zoom, hence make sure that you are utilizing this platform to its best use.

b. Connect it to a bigger screen

If you are just using your phone or tablet, the screen to see the rest of the participants, and also the practitioner may not be as satisfying because it is too small. Switching to a device that has a larger screen is more ideal, as this can give you the chance to see everyone in a more decent-sized photo.

Zoom can be connected on laptops, computers, and even on television. And besides, a bigger screen can make you feel like you are really with them in person.

c. Choose the perfect area to set it up

Choose a perfect spot in the house where you can comfortably do the Feldenkrais method. Ensure that the room has no destruction and can allow you to move freely, without bumping into anything. Sure, this is an exercise you have to take seriously so preparing hard for it, is best.

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