How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Legal by  Mashum Mollah 31 May 2022

Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy, it is best to hire a Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney. Bankruptcy is a confusing process, so you need someone experienced to guide you in following the entire process.

Before taking any further steps, you should first contact a bankruptcy lawyer. This is the first and most important step when you are walking the path of filing a bankruptcy.

Now, the question comes, how will you find the most suitable lawyer for your case?

Here, in this article, we will guide you to find a bankruptcy lawyer.

How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney?

You can take help from a number of online directories to help you with finding an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Here, you need to remember that these types of directories often feature lawyers by taking a fee.

It means the recommendation or reviews are not genuine all the time.

To get first-hand information, you also can ask your friends, colleagues, or relatives for some recommendations, obviously if you feel comfortable. Once you get some recommendations and shortlisted a few lawyers from the directories, it is time to meet them in person.

Now, for this meeting, some attorneys will not charge anything. On the other hand, some might charge a minimum fee for the initial consultation. Do not assume anyone’s expertise on the basis of the fee they are charging or offering a free solution.

When you are meeting those attorneys, you have to ensure the following.

1. Expertise And Experience

In order to navigate the bankruptcy code successfully, the professional should have an in-depth knowledge of this area of law along with the experience of using it properly. Just a single missed filed form or missed deadline can throw out your case.

As we have mentioned above, filing a bankruptcy is a complicated process. In case the attorney is not specialized or has experience in handling any bankruptcy case before, they will not be able to interpret the case, and eventually, you will lose it.

In order to evaluate their expertise, you can check their bankruptcy certification of them from the American Board of Certification. This will prove that the Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney knows all the bankruptcy codes much better than your average attorney.

2. Compensation, Fits For Your Case

When it comes to the fees, there is no “right” amount to charge. Usually, a Chapter 13 filing costs more than a Chapter 7 filing. For different cases and also from state to state, the fees of bankruptcy lawyers vary.

The more complicated the case will be, the charges will also be higher. During your first meeting, directly ask how much the Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney usually charges and what they are going to charge for your case in particular.

Get a detailed fee structure and ensure that you got a clear idea about the included services. You have to make sure that you are getting the worth of your money in the specific situation.

3. Communication And Compatibility

Before you are finalizing a Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney, you should ask yourself, “Do you feel comfortable being open with the professional.” Here the quality of communication matters a lot when you are hiring a lawyer for your bankruptcy case.

If you do not feel comfortable and disclose your concerns, if you keep secrets from your Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney, it will harm your bankruptcy case. When the lawyer does not know everything about you and your asset, they will not be able to help you properly.

Keeping a secret from your bankruptcy attorney will only damage your case. Your bankruptcy attorney is working on getting you the best deal for your situation. Here, a dedication to open communication will always help.

Choose The Most Suitable One

When you are going to hire a bankruptcy attorney, you need to keep all these qualities in mind. First, you need to evaluate their expertise and experience in handling similar cases like yours.

You also have to be really comfortable with the professional so that you can share everything related to your case.

Also, do not forget about the charges. When you are filing bankruptcy, it is obvious that you can not put everything at stake.

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