Pssst… Did You Know These Things About The Upcoming Game Inspector Gadget?

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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is an American superhero character that has been adopted as a television show and a comedy film of the same name. But did you know Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party is coming on 14 September 2023? Read the article to learn more about the game!

The game comes in digital and physical versions to access from multiple platforms. In digital form, you can access PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and digital on Steam. The physical version will be available on 29 September 2023.

The new party game has exciting gameplay; you cannot miss it if you are a fan of Inspector Gadget! I will discuss the game, its origin, and the gameplay! It will give you an idea of what you expect in the game.

Pssst… Did You Know These Things About The Upcoming Game Inspector Gadget?

Pssst... Did You Know These Things About The Upcoming Game Inspector Gadget_

The Inspector Gadget cartoon with the character designer, Inspector Gadget, is Noriyuki Shishikura, while the developer of the game A.I.M. with programmers Kennosuke Suemura and Toru Nakagawa. The game was initially launched with a single-player mode.

However, the new game, Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party, will release the multiplayer mode. The first video game inspired by Inspector Gadget was launched in 1993, a side-scrolling action game!

In the game, the antagonist appears very less. Instead the game has been designed with a focus on the titular bungling character, the cyborg detective! In the game, if you are playing, you must move in a circular track across the board.

The goal is to track the space in such a way that you have to move a player piece so that you can stop it or make the player lose the turn. The mechanism is to spin and move or roll!

About Inspector Gadget!

About Inspector Gadget!

Inspector Gadget is a detective with a unique sense of solving crimes and cases, especially when he bumbles in most situations. He needs help in most cases, especially with his luck running low.

There is also Chief Quimby, who assigns all the cases to Inspector Gadget! The man is short-tempered, and they often are at loggerheads. Another significant character in the Universe of Inspector Gadget is Penny, his niece.

She is a smart girl with understanding and intelligence beyond her years! There is also a faithful dog to Penny named Brain, who has the I.Q. of humans. Along with Penny and Brain, Inspector Gadget solves most of the cases.

The team uses high-tech items such as video communicators, watches, and other tools to interact with each other during the case investigation. For example, there is a watch that Penny has which is linked to a video communicator in the collar worn by Brain.

These tools help communicate across Inspector Gadget’s team, especially when Dr. Claw creates trouble. The antagonist in the universe is Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. (Mean and Dirty) terrorist organization.

There is an Inspector Gadget movie and television show that has created a genre across the world leading to the popularity of the game!

What Are The Features?


The game’s features benefit you from playing the game efficiently and winning! Considering the game is based on an animated television show, there are some common elements that you might find! Check out the features through which you can enjoy the game.

  • The plot is that you become Inspector Gadget; the character is, ofcourse legendary. The game aims to save the city by going on an adventure!
  • Then you explore the city to complete the challenges that will be present in the adventure mode.
  • You must discover the mini-games inspired by Inspector Gadget’s universe, such as Pass the Bomb, My Precious, and Count Them All! There are 16 in total, and you must play them.
  • There is a multiplayer mode that you can use to play along with your friends and family!
  • There is an amazing soundtrack performed by Tanis Chalopin, which you can enjoy in this game as a background score. Tanis Chalopin is the daughter of the creator of the Inspector Gadget conceptualization, Jean Chalopin.

How To Play?

How To Play_

The gameplay is controlled by Inspector Gadget, where you, as the player, travel around the world in the game! The initial storyline of the game Inspector Gadget is where Dr. Claw and the M.A.D. organization kidnap Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny.

Inspector works hard to rescue his niece. There are five levels in the game; each level has a short intro before you start the game at Gadget’s house. There are self-destructing dialogues, quite funny, where Gadget constantly blows Chief Quimby.

Some hit points help you with additional costs you need to collect in the breakable bricks. When an enemy hits Inspector Gadget in the game, his clothes fall off! It happens with the first blow, but with the second blow, the Inspector is dead.

Many weapons are at the expense of the Inspector. He has extendable limbs, which Gadget uses against enemies by kicking and punching them! A power-up weapon allows the Inspector, who extends his limbs, to reach further.

You can play Inspector Gadget while collecting and using powers as a player, such as arrows, plungers, and a helicopter rotor. There are different hats to operate, which will also increase the power of the tools.

With every level coming to a finish, the last 17 seconds play a frantic melody as background score! You will feel restless to finish the game. The levels you will be playing as a challenge are based on real locations such as Egypt, South America, Switzerland, England, and Winter-land Castle of Dr. Claw!



The 3D game will be released on 14 September 2023 on the platform Switch by the developer Smart Tale Games! The multiplayer mode will support 4 players. The new game focuses on saving Metro City from the clutches of the antagonist, Dr. Claw.

There are bolts in the game that can be unlocked once you start playing the mini-game quests and solve them. A machine that is used to travel in time to save the city! The machine broke down, so now the game’s goal is to recover the missing parts of the machine in the game!

According to the reviews, Inspector Gadget has been rated 4 out of 5 based on 11 reviews! One of the reviewers informs on the website that the game has multigenerational appeal as it is intense and never grows old!

The educational value is less, but it is quite interesting! The game has significant role models in the form of courageous, adaptable, creative, humble, and smart Penny, niece of Inspector Gadget, and the dog brain. The Inspector also shows bravery. Thus, the overall success of the team materializes.

Where To Finish!

Even though the game and its plot have hardly changed, the game is intensive and adventurous. Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party will be true to its word, giving you a mad time, especially with all the new challenges that are quite crazy!

The game will also be a revitalizing approach toward gaming and practices. Comment below as to which character you like in the game!

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