When You Should Think about Joining a Senior Community

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Senior Community

There are times during your retirement when you should ask yourself whether it would be a good idea to move into a senior community. Here are three instances when the answer to that question should be “Yes”:

You’re Having Trouble Getting Around Your Home:

You’re Having Trouble Getting Around Your Home

You’re having trouble getting from Point A to Point B in your home. You’re always struggling to pull your mobility device through narrow doorways. You dread climbing up those up steep, rickety staircases on your own.

Your home doesn’t feel as comfortable or safe as it should be. This situation isn’t uncommon — accessible housing is very hard to find. So, even if you consider moving out of your home, it will be difficult to purchase something that’s safe and accessible throughout your retirement.

It would be easier to move to a place that prioritizes accessibility for seniors. Senior living communities like All Seniors Care Living Centres have features like wheelchair ramps, wide hallways, and elevators available so that residents can easily move around without obstructions. The centers also have options for memory care services, assisted living services, or full care services for residents who need additional care and support.

You’re Having a Hard Time Keeping Up with Chores:

You’re Having a Hard Time Keeping Up with Chores

Doing your chores used to be a breeze. Now you’re finding it hard to handle the constant to-do list of cooking, cleaning, and laundry. It’s exhausting. Sometimes, you find yourself skipping these tasks altogether, having snack food instead of wholesome meals for dinner, and ignoring the pile of dirty clothes sitting in your hamper.

You shouldn’t stop doing chores altogether. Research shows that doing housework helps your brain health and reduces your chances of developing dementia. If it’s becoming a major obstacle in your life, you should try to whittle down the workload to a more manageable level. Trim down that to-do list.

A top-quality senior home can help take some of the pressure off your shoulders. It will have dining services, laundry services, cleaning services, and delivery services that can help you get through your week. It will have an on-site physician and pharmacy with prescription delivery services. You can live independently at a senior living center without signing on to all of these services, but it’s important that the options are there when you need them.

You’re Bored:

You’re Bored

Finally, you should think about making this change when you’re consistently feeling bored and lonely. If you live on your own or have a small social circle, you can join a vibrant senior community and immediately improve your lackluster retirement. The right community will offer lots of opportunities to socialize with like-minded residents and broaden your horizons with new hobbies and activities.

Do you need more motivation? Research shows that seniors who stay socially active score higher on the Index of Wellbeing in Later Life — and seniors who don’t engage in social activities score much lower. Seniors who participate in social activities like dance classes, music lessons, and community volunteering are more likely to have happier, healthier retirements.

Do any of these scenarios apply to you? If your answer is “Yes,” then it might be time for a big change.

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