Maxwell Drever gives an insight into workforce housing and its significance 

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workforce housing

Workforce Housing is a type of housing in the city that gives people with specific incomes the option to still live in or close to their work area. This housing typically holds families who make between 80 to 120% of their city’s average income and sometimes within a different county or state. There are many definitions for it, though. Some say that 60% to 120% of average annual income households need this real estate. In contrast, others explain that any housing that doesn’t cost more than 25% to 45% of a yearly income of a workforce household falls into this category.

Although the concept of affordable workforce housing has recently caught fire, it was always relevant since the era of industrialization started. Making housing affordable as appealing to renters began as a grassroots response. The purpose was to create affordable housing comfortable enough to be acceptable for workers to stay there rather than living in less sanitary conditions elsewhere surrounding urban areas. Maxwell Drever says that today the need for this housing is high among teachers, healthcare workers, salespeople, and others who earn a decent living but cannot secure shelter close to their workplace due to steep rents or expensive new constructions.

Exploring more about affordable workforce housing

More precisely, this real estate stands for safe, comfortable, and cost-effective homes or houses for the working class. It can include both ownership and rental systems. The working class generally travels long distances every day because they don’t find any affordable housing option close to their workplace. But these housing types can lower their commute and housing expenses, helping them to improve their lifestyle a bit. People who need these accommodations are teachers, firefighters, police officers, construction trade workers, and others. They all are an integral part of the communities they serve. Yet, they suffer for the most basic human need of life.

Why is it critical to building affordable housing units for the workforce?

Looking purely from the viewpoint of the middle-income groups, Maxwell Drever says that these people work hard to keep the communities running and earn a decent income. Despite that, they struggle to find themselves affordable living units because of the lack of cost-friendly rental and ownership options or lack of subsidies that are usually for anyone earning less than 60% of the area’s median income. They deserve to live in a safe place close to their workplace. Hence, it is one reason. Then, they are also the economic engines of society and country.

Companies are finding it hard to fill vacancies because these people are unwilling to join due to not getting any nearby housing option. It takes a toll on them physically, mentally, and financially as they travel far every day. And as you know, more traveling also means traffic pressure. Given the deteriorating environmental conditions, higher traffic only adds to more pollution. But all these problems can go away when communities build affordable housing for these income groups. A change has already started in this direction. Of course, the gap between demand and supply is way too deep. But concerted efforts from public and private players can soon transform this situation in everyone’s favor.


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