When Only the Best Will Do, And Then There’s Frameless Glass

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Frameless Glass

It is not often that you see someone inspecting or admiring a piece of glass or the design, most people tend to walk straight past without a second thought, that is until you have the frameless glass fitted in your home.

Frameless has been quite popular in office building historically due to its open-air feel and unhindered viewing space, they look really good, but when a company decides to take it one step further and offer products for your home that look even better as well as being designed and developed to withstand the toughest of treatment, enter the frameless glass.

There is more on offer than you might realize:

The world of frameless glass has evolved from just offering frameless glass dividers, companies like The Frameless Glass Company have taken the frameless glass features to a different level in terms of looks, design, practicality, and service. Whichever products you choose, you can be sure that you will be receiving the pinnacle of glass design, the very best in its class, they truly do have to be seen to be believed.

A common misconception is that frameless glass products will be more delicate which actually isn’t the case, the glass and surroundings are designed to be stronger and put up with repetitive use, the added strength actually makes them safer, and stronger. On the subject of safety, health, and making money to pay for your purchase, you might be interested in this informative blog with hints and tips.

As some of us have come to learn the hard way, it is not all about looks, some of the features of the flagship available include;

Ultrafine sliding doors –

Ultrafine sliding doors –

These doors are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, some of them have just 17mm of sightlines, come in some extremely large sizes, and have an aluminum profile. Because there are no frames to speak of the whole unit has ‘less’ to it making it really energy-efficient and because of the viewing space your room will feel more open, more light can come in too. They come in custom sizes and provide panoramic views.

Frameless glass extensions –

The frameless glass extensions really are a masterpiece and a tribute to the thought and time that has gone into the design, long gone are the days of seeing generic white UPVC extensions slapped on the sides of houses. The extensions boast 10mm joints, a glass-to-glass door hinge, they use structural glazing, glass to glass junctions, and have a contemporary design, very sleek indeed.

Frameless roof glazing –

Now, this product is something else, if you want an atmospheric look that lets in the maximum amount of light from the roof then this is where you would start to look. Feature wise, the roof glazing has 10mm joints, uninterrupted lighting, glass to glass junctions and have a high thermal efficiency rating.

You can see clearly now the frames have gone:

This has to be the biggest attraction, although every other feature is hands down the best when compared to traditional offerings, before you book though do be sure to keep up to date with the latest restrictions. If you want the very best that money can buy then this is it, speak with one of the local specialists and find out a bit more about the process.

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