Does Your Living Room Need More Daring Decor?

Home Improvementby Ariana Smith21 June 2018

Daring Decor

If your living room looks too bland for your taste, you should use some of these decorating ideas to give it a bold makeover. After trying these clever design tricks, you will want to make this space the first stop that you show off to your guests when they visit for the first time.  

One astonishingly effective way to bring more drama to your living room is to install a big and brilliant bay window. This distinct style is made up of three or more sided windows that jut out from the exterior wall of a home at a 30° or 45° angle. You can get your gorgeous bay window from Golden Windows, which has provided high-quality London Ontario vinyl windows to builders and homeowners for over for five decades. This trusted manufacturer and distributor also offers cities like Kitchener and Ottawa vinyl windows and door products. If you already have an old set of bay windows in your living room, they can help you replace that drafty bay window with a crucial upgrade so that your space will be free of air leaks and look amazing. The most practical way to furnish your living room with a bay window is to treat it as an anchor for space and orient your furniture around it — think of it like the centrepiece of the entire room. If you really want to give the room a striking makeover, consider pairing the bay window with some flashy drapes or a luxurious window seat.

Another way to add some more drama to your living room is to give it a fresh coat of paint in a daring colour. Skip over neutral shades like white, brown, beige and grey in favour of more memorable and exciting options on the colour wheel. Some of the best paint colour ideas for your living room include Hyper Blue, Chinoiserie Red and Bold Yellow— these are all hues that will immediately grab the attention of anyone walking past the doorway. If you are unsure about covering the entire room in one eye-catching colour, compromise by painting an accent wall or the ceiling.

While most people will be thinking about what planters to put on their front steps, you should be thinking about bringing your garden straight into your living room. You will want a large potted like a bird of paradise tree or a triangle ficus— their grand size will make a bigger impression than a bouquet of tulips. You should look for the best plants to grow in your living room if you want to add more fresh air and bright colour to that specific indoor space, like the following options:

  • Dragon Tree
  • Lemon Tree
  • Yucca Tree
  • Rhapis Palm Tree

You don’t have to renovate your living room from top to bottom in order for it to get some much-needed dramatic flair. All you have to do is install a lofty bay window, add coats of fresh paint and buy a big leafy plant for the atmosphere to be completely revitalized.

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