Is There Really More to a Building than Meets the Eye?

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah06 March 2018


How many times have you heard the old saying, “There’s more to it than meets the eye”, yet you can’t get beyond what’s staring you right in the face? When it comes to home design, it is important to realise that the average homebuyer may be impressed with function, but what they are seeing is a monstrosity. Sometimes, in an effort to satisfy today’s market with a strong focus on sustainability, the importance of design is forgotten. You can actually have both if you understand that it really may be what meets the eye that counts. Then you can look at function in terms of what the homebuyer will see when viewing a home.

Interior Design – Where Function Should Meet Fashion

When it comes to a home, the homebuyer wants to be comfortable in their living space. Whether you are building new homes or renovating older homes, take time to consider how to hide function within a design element. For example, what can you do with radiators so that they aren’t taking up floor space? There are a huge number of radiators that can be mounted on the wall, some of which are electric, which means you don’t need to install a boiler. Many of today’s leading wall-mounted designer radiators can be found at, so take the time to peruse the collections to see which would best suit your interior design.

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If you have central heat and air, have you considered those vents which are functional but somehow an eyesore? Today’s industry has made it possible to use vents and drainage covers that are totally functional yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Remember, it can be what meets the eye that counts. Now, the homebuyer can be told about the amazing way in which you have worked sustainable energy into the home without sacrificing beauty and elegance. That leaves us with the exterior of the home, where kerb appeal is of vital importance. This is where what meets the eye really counts!

Common Areas of Concern on the Exterior of a Home

There is a huge push in government, as well as within the industry, to seek sustainable, yet affordable, solutions to providing energy to the home. While a family may like the idea of solar power, they don’t want a home with huge panels destroying the exterior design. Whether they are placed on the ground or on the roof, if proper care isn’t given to the type of solar panel and the placement of them, the entire look you are going for can be ruined.

There are roofing tiles that look like your average roofing tiles yet are actually amazingly efficient solar panels. Instead of a block of solar panels sitting atop a roof, consider using solar tiles, which won’t mar the exterior design. Are you also building a pergola in the back garden? Why not use solar panels on the roof of that?

There are many ways to mask function if you learn how to work with a design instead of adding extra elements. Today’s homebuyer wants an eco-friendly sustainable home, but you will also find they are not willing to sacrifice fashion for function.


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