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About Us

The Daily Notes is a magazine site for authors, writers and engaged readers who want to share their creative ideas with the world. We are more than just a news website, we are a multi-user content publishing platform designed for writers and readers. All creative writers who have some amazing pieces written can use The Daily Notes to share their work. You are welcome to use our online publication for publishing your intellectuals too.

How does it work?

We have a team of editors who screen all the content produced by our team of writers. Once your story complies with our editorial guidelines, it successfully gets published. Keep in mind our editors do not have control of where your story will show up on The Daily Notes’ website. The number of comments and shares on your story decides where it will fit on the website.

We allow our writers to engage and interact with each member of the writer’s community. We believe receiving feedback from other writers on your stories can help you improve your own clout.

Follow the guidelines

Remember, when you are writing a story, don’t use ‘I’. It’s a story so it shouldn’t contain your personal opinion. The ending of the story should be as captivating as the beginning. Best stories end at the place they began from. It gives a sense of completion to the whole narrative.

Before submitting the writing, check for spelling and grammar. We do not accept any content that does not follow our editorial guidelines. We accept a maximum of 1,000 words for each story/topic. You are welcome to write on niches such as business, technology, social media, education, real estate, lifestyle and more.

The world is ready to hear you! Contact us whenever you think you are ready to publish your writings.

Use the contact form or email us to [email protected] for any Blogging queries, feedback, guest post requests, and advertisement. We would request you to fill in all the necessary details so that we can get in touch with you ASAP.