Car Lockout? Here’s What You Have to Do

Automotive by  Arnab Dey 15 December 2022

Car Lockout

Sometimes, people become too forgetful that they slam their car doors and forget that they still have the keys in the ignition.

That’s quite a problem since no one would want to smash through their car window, regardless of the situation. Their cars are their babies; they wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them, especially if they own a vintage vehicle. That’s the dilemma most car guys face when they find themselves in the car lockout.

So, how should you take care of the situation? Here are some tips to consider when you’re faced with a car lockout situation. 

How To Handle The Car Lockout Situation?

How are the car lockout tools working? Many car owners have these tool kits in their homes. But is their actual process to handle the situation? No, there are not such ways. One is you can use the tools and try to open the car doors. The other way is taking help from others.

Here are some of the tips which you can apply to handle car lockdown situations.

1. Call A Professional

One of the first things you must do is calm down and breathe. It will be best if you have the contact number of an automotive locksmith whom you can trust to come by quickly. Car keys are specialized ones that may need to be made on the spot. 

High-end car brands may need some programming. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Tesla, and BMW car key replacement cost varies depending on the type of key needed and the extent of the service. Regardless, calling an experienced car locksmith is the best recourse if you don’t want to damage your vehicle.  

2. Phone A Family Member Or A Trusted Friend

You won’t want to accept help from strangers for car lockout, although you can if you’re up to it. However, having one of your friends or family members on speed dial can help tremendously. 

They can provide much-needed emotional support and even bring some tools for you to manually open the car door if you’re handy enough with such tools. They may even be the ones to bring your extra key if you have one at home. 

3. Use Your Shoestring 

Before doing this, make sure you have your identification with you or the security personnel overseeing your actions. 

Remove one of your shoestrings and eyeball about five inches from the middle of the lace. Tie a slip knot and work the shoelace between the door frame and the car’s door at the midpoint. 

You must hold one end of the lace at the top of the window and the other at the side where the door would open. Secure the slip knot around the post lock and pull on both ends of the shoelace to grip the post and yank it upward while tightening the knot to open the car lockout.  

4. Use A Coat Hanger

If you have a handy wire coat hanger, then try this method. This hack works on vertical and horizontal locking mechanisms. You can untwist the coat hanger and mould it into a hook that you will insert between the window and the weather stripping. 

Once inside, you can wiggle the hook around the lock to pull and release it. You can use the coat hangers as your tool and open the car door. If you do not know, then you can see some instruction manuals to learn about the actual procedures.

5. Get A Slim Jim 

Insert a slim jim between the window and the rubber seal. Assuming you have an older-style lock, you can easily manoeuvre the tool to unlock the door. 

Slim Jim is a very handy tool that you can use to open the door after a car lockout. Most of the car lockout tools have slim jim. Hence before using it, always take a look at the car door’s mechanism. 

Else search with the car lockout services near me and find the support which is bear from your present place. Or you can save the helpline numbers in your phone for seeking help in an emergency situation.


Finding yourself locked out of your car can be unnerving. However, you can use your wits to overcome such a challenge easily.  Usually, when car owners get into a car lockout situation, they do not know what to do, and as a result, panic comes into their minds.

If you are in this situation, never think twice. First, calm your mind, then decide which tools you are going to take. Have you ever experienced such incidents? You can share your opinion through the comment sections.

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