Locked Out of Your Car? Here’s What You Should Do

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah21 April 2021

Locked Out of Your Car

You are fortunate indeed if your car has a key code on the driver’s door. A key code means you can lock your keys in the car on purpose as long as you remember your key code.

However, if your car does not have a key code, you must do the following when you lock yourself out of your vehicle.

Please call 9-1-1 before you do anything else. The police may come to keep an eye on your safety. The police may wait with you until help arrives. Some police in some states no longer unlock vehicles. You should check with them first. However, your safety is of utmost concern.

If your cell phone is with your keys, this complicates your situation. How do you call anyone for help when you lock your cell phone in the car with your keys? If you are on a busy highway, know that the state police frequently patrol the roads. Truckers are also in abundance, and you may have to flag a trucker for help. The critical thing to remember is to stay away from the traffic. Remember to follow these five recommendations first.

  • Stay Calm
  • Make sure there are not any pets or small children in the vehicle
  • Check for any spare keys.
  • Your best option may be to call someone to bring you a spare key if this is possible.
  •  Contact a locksmith, the easiest step to take.

Why call a locksmith the most straightforward step? 

Why call a locksmith the most straightforward step? 

Because you have a quality locksmith number on speed dial if you have not locked your phone in the car. Call 832-690-1640, who is available 24/7. You were wise to do your research before needing this service. If you ever needed to call a reputable locksmith, you already had a number. 

Never feel embarrassed about locking your keys inside the car because this happens to most of us at one time or another.

Other Possible Options for Help:

Being prepared means that you did not have to waste time searching for a phone number at the worst possible moment. You did your research prior.

You read all the reviews and found that this locksmith has excellent reviews, is seasoned, a trusted company, reliable, and competitive in pricing. You called the best automotive locksmith in Houston.

  • If you have roadside service, you can place a call to them and let them know that a locksmith is on their way to you. Your roadside assistance number should also be on speed dial. As soon as you get roadside assistance, save the information on your phone. Please take a picture of your card, email it to yourself if you need to show it to roadside assistance, the locksmith, or the dealership.
  • Do you have any credit cards or an automobile membership such as AAA that give you roadside assistance? Know the answer before you need to check.
  • If your car is under warranty, know what that warranty covers as frequently it does cover lockouts.
  • Call a tow truck because tow trucks frequently provide lockout assistance, another number on speed dial.
  • It is best if you had a spare key in your wallet just if you become locked out of your car.
  • When buying a car, pay a bit extra for some benefits that come in handy. Benefits include,
  • Power button locks
  • Door mounted keypads
  • Have a telemetric system

Lost keys make the situation more complicated, and you have no choice but to call your locksmith number. The car keys of the 21st Century are expensive than in years past. Expect to pay at least $200.00, if not much more, for a replacement key due to the key fob.

Sometimes a locksmith cannot help you, and you must buy your key through the dealership. Your remote needs reprogramming. Your car now requires a flatbed to transfer your vehicle to the nearest dealership.

  • If you are not too far from home, think about where your spare key is or who may have a spare car key and give them a call to bring a key to you.
  • Purchase a pump wedge to open your door. A blood pressure cuff works fine also if someone can bring you one. This is how a blood pressure cuff works. Slide the cuff into the top corner of the driver-side door. Blow the cuff until a small gap develops in the opening. Do not over-expand the cuff. Slide a skinny object through the gap to hit the unlock button
  • The best way is to call your insurance carrier directly, and they will dispatch help to you once you give them a bit of information. Doing this enables the tow company, locksmith, or other to bill the insurance company directly if you have coverage.
  • As a last resort in a car lockout emergency, you can smash a window to get a pet or child out. Please call 9-1-1 first, and they can break the window correctly. If you cannot wait and need to get into the car, immediately use something sharp to break the window, such as a rock or a tool, if available. Hit the glass at the edge or side where the window is the weakest. Break the window that is away from a child or pet.

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