Choosing The Right Vehicle for Your Profession!

Automotiveby Ariana Smith15 September 2018


This is a well-known fact that the car you drive tells a lot about your taste and you. Also, it has an impact on the overall image of yours. Most people think that my car does not describe me – what I am. However, unfortunately, the world still judges people from their car. Well, it may not sound fair to you but yes, the choice of car you are driving, impacts your career, style, image as well as profession.

Well, people usually having high-end cars are depicted to be highly rich, which is not exactly that bad. However, have you ever seen a person who is highly rich and is driving a normal car? Yes, we all have! Today, the internet is flooded with video wherein it has been clearly shown that people’s behavior change towards the same person when he comes out of a fancy car.

You like it or not but the truth is you need to choose your vehicle wisely as it impacts your image and profession greatly. Also, the objective of this article is to provide the riders the insight about what they need to understand before picking a car for themselves as it is a matter of their image.

Is having a luxurious car your professional requirement?

Well, maybe your profession does not demand to have a fancy car but if you see in the future, choosing the right vehicle for your profession is the most essential thing. To attract the girls, having a high-end car is mandatory. Well, this has been proven by the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff. The women were shown two pictures; one with an average looking man driving a Bentley Continental and another – a handsome hunk driving a Ford Fiesta.

More than 55% of women chose the man with a Bentley as that represented security, luxury, and stability and these are the only things a woman looks for in his ideal man.

Is your vehicle an epitome of your confidence?

Have you seen people getting out of a luxurious car even when they do not have a great job title? If you have not seen yet then you must! Regardless of what your job title is, if you are driving a great car, your confidence expands to another level and the opposite happens when you have a great job title but your car does not do any justice to that title. In fact, this has been stated by a lot of research that your car needs to be right in order to display your professional status to the world.

Is picking a car wisely that easier? 

We all desire to drive high-end cars like Bentley however, owning one is a difficult task. Instead, why not opt for a car that suits the lifestyle you live. This is much better than having a car that ruins your professional image while you are saving all your money for a Bentley. Ensure you keep your color choice simple if you are in a profession that demands simplicity.

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