Extending the Backyard Life Well Past Summer

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Backyard Life

Many people think that as soon as the weather gets colder, they have no option but to say goodbye to their backyard and leave it dormant during the winter months.

Before you know it, the first snowfall has come. It doesn’t seem possible that only a few months ago, you were enjoying your backyard barbecue and watching your kids play on the swing set. But now, everything is covered in snow-covered ice and slush or just frozen solid as a rock. You can’t wait for spring, but the season has to end, and we have to find ways to extend the backyard life well past summer.

In this article, we will highlight what you can do to enjoy your backyard life during the winter season.

Top 5 Things to do in Your Backyard in Winter

1. Build a Gazebo

The hardtop gazebo will keep the snow off you and your family while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, as well as protect you from rain or hail. Most people don’t realize that hardtop gazebos can withstand heat and rain throughout the year as they are made of water-resistant materials.

2. Ice Skating

2. Ice Skating

One of the most famous pastimes in winter is ice skating, and when you build a hardtop gazebo, it’s easy to attach a small rink to one of your sides. All that is required is some wood planks and large nails, which strengthen your Gazebo while providing an ideal space for you to enjoy your ice skating in your backyard during winter.

3. Fire Pit

For those who like to enjoy nature but spend their time indoors in the winter, a fire pit is an excellent way to do so. Build a brick ring around your hardtop gazebo, and you can sit over it with friends or family members as you cook marshmallows on sticks while they roast as you share the family’s best moments.

4. Grow your fruit

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best take advantage of all that fresh, healthy food grown locally rather than shipped from elsewhere. With many options for cold-climate growing available, planning a garden this winter will save money and give you access to some delicacies.

You can also grow your chilies and other delicacies in winter when you know that the fruits are much moisture in the air. The top hard Gazebo will protect your fruits from rain and snow, giving them a pleasant environment to grow in despite the harsh weather.

5. Decorate with lights

5. Decorate with lights


If you live in a place where a backyard is the best place to spend your winter season, you may want to do some decorating too, and for that, you will need some lights. You can put outdoor bulbs in the form of white icicles or candles are a perfect option as they create a friendly environment for dining and enjoying yourself.

Wintertime is short but filled with many activities that can be done to make the short season enjoyable.

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