7 Tips to Create the Ultimate Backyard Staycation

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Backyard Staycation

Not sure about making tour plans or investing money in a one-time trip? Some homeowners prefer converting their backyard into the ultimate Staycation resort. Aleko is the one-stop destination to get everything you need to turn your backyard into an ideal Staycation. Let’s explore how to change your backyard to a secure place for you and your friends and family to unwind and relax!

How to Create an Ideal Backyard Staycation?

1. Make Space for Your Preferred Activities:

Doing what you want to do for resting and relaxing is part of a Staycation. Be it lying in the sun, swimming, playing games outside, or reading in the shade, ensure your backyard can manage that. In case you have younger kids, ponder buying an outdoor playset and adding it for many hours of fantastic play.

2. Design Your Outdoor Living Space with Patios:

Design Your Outdoor Living Space with Patios

With the changes of weather, when you find it very nice to spend time outside with your loved ones, have an outdoor area that enables you to enjoy your free time at home. These days’ innovative designs and technology allow everybody to make outdoor living places decked with brick or stone patios, custom stone furnishing, and even complete kitchen areas.

Make your living area according to your style and requirements. With an amazingly designed outdoor place of your own, paired with the exclusive view of your landscaping, who requires planning a getaway? Just invite your friends and family for joining you during your days off or enjoy it alone in a peaceful period. Top-notch grilling features and beautiful countertops create the best combination for state-of-the-art summer barbeques.

3. Make Privacy:

Based on how close you are to the neighbors or the size of your backyard, you will need to include a few privacy measures in your outdoor living area. Fences or bushes are amazing long-term choices for keeping your whole backyard isolated. Check out illinoisfence.com for an ideal privacy fencing solution. In case you have a pavilion or gazebo, you can invest in a gazebo covering for an extra privacy level. Check Aleko Products store for gazebo curtains.

4. Go for Landscaping:

Sightseeing and views are important when it comes to selecting a vacation place. A tropical island is known due to its beautiful beaches and mesmerizing sunsets over the water. You may get a view of a lake or a stunning waterfall outside the window of a resort. Using proper landscaping, you can make the heaven only some feet from the back door.

Beautiful, unique gardens can enliven your outdoor living area. Ornamental plants and blooming, colorful flowers can liven up your backyard. New grass, fresh trees can change an average place to a private vacation area.

5. Bring Every Home Amenity Outside:

Moving all your house amenities out to the backyard living area has become an increasing trend. This incorporates backyard dining areas, outdoor bars and kitchens, and outdoor living rooms – complete with TVs and fireplaces. For the ideal backyard Staycation, you will need to bring almost everything outside.

6. Buy Standard Quality Furnishing Items:

Buy Standard Quality Furnishing Items

Outdoor furniture pieces can look great on a screen and will come according to your budget also. So, invest in high-quality outdoor furniture for your backyard living area. Select from poly outdoor furniture or outdoor-rated wood furniture that can be maintained easily and last for years.

7. Add Lighting and Firepits:

When the sun goes down at a beautiful resort and the long summer days come to the end, the party does not end as the lights come up. Your Staycation must not end when it becomes dark. Additions like cozy fire pits and a various range of backyard lighting provide you the ideal way of wrapping up a relaxing day in your own oasis.

Uplighting and backlighting are great options to illuminate your yard while highlighting your favorite patio spots or garden areas. If you are entertaining guests or enjoying a late dinner by yourself, adding illumination to your backyard Staycation helps you determine when it is time to go in.

Similarly, fire pits and fireplaces make an ambiance for your home resort and the air of comfort. Many designs make it easy for serving as per your taste. Moreover, these fixtures’ warmth enables you to maximize your season past only the summer. Fix your vacation period for the summer end and utilize a fireplace for supplementing the cooler weather.

What’s more?

his season, ponder making updates to your backyard living area by adding the gazebos or pavilions. You will get a lot of gazebo accessories at the Aleko Products store and customize and use them as per your requirements. Browse our products online and start creating your perfect backyard Staycation. Need help to decide what accessories are right for you? Stay in touch with us and talk to our representatives to let them help you out.

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