4 Ways to Cover Those Bare Walls in Your Home

Home & garden by  Ariana Smith 03 May 2021

Bare Walls in Your Home

Do you have blank wall space in your home?

If yes, then you can use the blank walls to spruce up your interior within your budget. Decorating blank walls will not only give a new look to your interior but also add more fun to your space.

Blank walls can make the rooms look plain, so consider dressing up your walls with the below-mentioned some décor ideas.

#1 Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall I sin trend these days, and it is very interesting to see. Whether you want to give a new look to a bedroom wall or kitchen wall, the chalkboard is a great choice for every room.

It can act as a multifunctional wall as you can write thoughts on it, draw any painting on it or can use it as a study board for kids. In the kitchen, a chalkboard is also the best place to write down the everyday recipes.

Wherever you decide to create this feature wall, be sure to properly sand the wall. It is because the chalk wall will catch on every little bump and blemish on the wall. Moreover, to make this wall, it is better to apply more than one coat of paint for quality.

#2 Mirrors on the wall

To decorate a small space, mirrors are the best option. They will magnify the light and make your area look bigger as well as brighter.

To dress up the large wall, you can use one big mirror to make a bold statement. Also, while hanging a mirror on the wall, keep in mind what it is reflecting.

In addition to a single mirror, you can also add four or five small mirrors of different shapes on your wall. This will create an amazing reflecting gallery wall.

#3 Add a map on the wall

If nothing else, the beautiful world maps are a great option to hang on the wall. They bring interest and colors to your blank wall while working as an educational piece too. The best thing is that the large world map looks amazing in the living room and in the bedroom as well.

Further, you can decorate the wall of the kid’s room with various maps of cities and countries.

#4 Plants in the living room

Do you love indoor plants? If yes, then you can also decorate your bare walls with your favorite indoor greenery. There are hanging pots that you can choose to decorate your room in style.

Also, you can hang a wall art of green plants to bring freshness and greenery in your interior. With proper maintenance, your vertical indoor garden can last longer and add beauty to a blank wall.

Final Words

Now, you know the best ways to cover blank walls in your home, so try these ideas and give your room a new look. No matter what interior style you love, the above-mentioned wall décor ideas suit every interior, be it Scandinavian or industrial.

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