How to Manage Lawn Care When You Have a Busy Schedule

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How to Manage Lawn Care

When life is pulling you in fifteen different directions it can be difficult to find time for general home maintenance, like keeping a green lawn. However, at the end of a busy day, it would be nice to sit back and relax without having to stare at the brown grass surrounding your home. The good news is there is a solution to help any grass grow green and healthy without having to take up valuable time from an already busy schedule.

To revive your lawn the first step is figuring out what is destroying the grass. After the problem has been identified you can use the latest lawn sprinkler system technology to put your lawn care on autopilot.

Finding Out What Issues May Be Damaging Your Lawn:

From curb appeal to enjoying spending time outside, having a healthy lawn is an important factor when it comes to being able to enjoy our home from the inside out. With that being said, anyone experiencing brown grass needs to figure out what your lawn is trying to tell you the problem is. Now let’s get into the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why your grass is looking brown.

What Causes Grass to Get Brown Spots or Patches:

When it comes to brown spots or even large patches of brown grass, there are a few different culprits that may be responsible. In general, the more obvious reasons for browning grass are typical:

1. Animal urine

if you notice round patches of dead grass the cause is usually dog urine, which contains acid. These problem spots caused by acidic urine on the grass will start by looking yellow and get progressively worse over time if the area is not diluted with water.

2. Drought 


depending on the climate of the region you live in; lawns typically need to be given one inch of water on a weekly basis.

3. Scalping 

this is when brown spots are caused by mowing the grass too short because the mower blade is set too low or there are lumps in the lawn.

4. Weeds 


brown grass resulting from uncontrolled weeds is making your lawn compete for water and food, causing it to brown.

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If one of the more obvious reasons for browning grass doesn’t seem to be responsible, there are other culprits to consider, such as:

a. High soil pH 

if the soil pH is too high that means it is too acidic, causing the grass to turn brown.

b. Fungus 


when it looks like there are circles of brown grass on your lawn the most common cause is a fungus in the soil because mushrooms grow in a circle.

c. Insects 


grass that is diseased or experiencing heat stress from a lack of water will be the most vulnerable to insects that are eating away at the grass root.

Determining and resolving what is causing your brown grass is the hard part. After your lawn is problem-free the regular maintenance can be put on autopilot by installing an inground sprinkler system. Save your time for tackling that busy schedule and let automatic watering manage your lawn care routine!

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