5 Ideas to Liven Up Your Bland Suburban Home

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All suburban homes are made equal; none look the same as the others. Despite the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all aesthetic each house in the suburbs have, people tend to add a little zest or a little spark of originality into their simple home. Some put plastic flamingos on their lawn; others keep it simple, letting the blooming plants speak for themselves.

Whether you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover or you just want to give it a little touch-up, here are some home improvement ideas that will surely brighten up your home’s current aesthetic.

5 Ideas to Liven Up Your Bland Suburban Home:


Want a head-turner façade for a home? Ask a landscape artist to redesign your front yard. Through various hardscaping techniques and proper plant choices, you can beautify your home without totally rearranging a lot. It’s worth noting, though, that people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on landscaping and hiring a landscape designer, so consider the costs when aiming to improve your home’s aesthetic through such techniques.

For one, you can do your landscaping yourself, or hire a Fresno tree service or any landscaping business from wherever you are. Improving your home visually can be as simple as trying to create a garden in a small space or as complicated as changing your soil and lawn grass. It’s all up to you and your budget how far will you go.

Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom MakeoverOne that tends to be the most unappealing place in your home is the bathroom. Fix all the things that need fixing—pipes, grout or that small moldy spot. Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, you need to pick the right materials so you can improve your bathroom’s design. In an all-white bathroom, a granite vanity top can add an extra visual appeal to your otherwise normal-looking bathroom. Make sure to pick stylish fixtures to go with it instead of picking up random faucets in the hardware store.

A Change in Lighting

Sometimes it’s the lights themselves that make your home look unsightly. Update your lighting setups by either replacing your bulbs with something brighter or just simply changing your light system. A new, simple yet stunning chandelier in the living room can add character to your interiors. You can go as simple as adding small, plug-in puck lights to liven up your kitchen cabinets or inside closets. You can also add some accent lights on corners to give them a change in lighting. All suburban homes are made equal.

Attic Bedroom

Instead of making the attic just a random place to store your junk, make it a used space. You can turn your attic into a bedroom. Use it as a guest bedroom or a child’s bedroom. Add some wallpapers, drywall panels, change its floorboards, add insulation. Attics don’t need to look bleak, after all. Once you consider your HVAC output and your current home insulation set-up, all you need to do is to find a way how to take the furniture up above.

To Paint or to Wallpaper

You can have your home repainted or add wallpaper to liven things up. With paint, it’s simply—stylish, elegant and timeless. Wallpapers, on the other hand, they’re customizable and you have a lot of options. Choose one depending on which places in your home you’d like to touch up. Paintworks well in moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The latter works best if you want to achieve a particular aesthetic in a room, such as a kid’s bedroom.

Sometimes, your home just needs a little touch-up to give a brand new look. Consider these home improvement ideas to shake things up.

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