Real Estate Marketing Tips for the Slow Winter Months

Real Estateby Mashum Mollah25 January 2020

Real Estate

This the season for reduced business in real estate. After the rush of summer and fall buying and selling, many individuals settle down in their current homes or apartments for the holiday season. Don’t let this be an excuse to take the winter off. Individuals are still searching for talented real estate agents to assist them in buying and selling homes. Use these tips to keep your marketing going during the slow winter months.

Here is the Real Estate Marketing Tips for the Slow Winter Months:

Revisit Your Brand

Do you use custom marketing materials for your website and digital marketing, or are you still working with an outdated design? Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so websites quickly look outdated if they aren’t maintained. Take this opportunity to invest in quality branding materials.

The latest design materials allow you to easily create custom digital marketing materials. You don’t have to outsource your digital marketing or invest countless hours in painstaking design. Work with intuitive templates to create iconic logos, fonts, and web pages to pull in more leads.

Sometimes, less branding is more effective. Don’t be tempted to reinvent the wheel, but look for minor adjustments you can make to streamline your content, update your website and make your logo and font choice more appealing and attractive to current leads.

Stay Connected With Your Leads

Don’t forget your current leads. The real estate industry is all about referrals. Spend some time reaching out to previous, happy buyers and sellers. Update your current leads with information about the holidays, year-in-review information, or set up new year’s goals.

Reassure concerned buyers and sellers that you are still working hard for them. Don’t be tempted to take an extended holiday if you have leads who are earnestly looking to make a sale. There may be less interest in the industry as a whole, but you should still be working hard to make those connections.

If you want to help your buyers, you need to give them that bit extra. For example, if there is a lead to be followed and it is beneficial for the customers, you can ask them to cut short their vacations and come back for the same. Yes, they might not want to lose out on their booking money or the tickets, which they have already bought. This is why the holiday inn club vacations timeshare cancellation can be a great asset to close real estate deals during the holiday season.

Give Your Marketing a Holiday-Themed Twist

Add a few fun blog posts about holiday decorating ideas or start a short email campaign about buying and selling homes in winter. The few individuals who are attempting to buy or sell a home may feel just as demoralized about the slow winter season, so reassure them that there are still excellent buyers and sellers to connect with.

Another useful digital marketing theme for the winter months is home repair. Help your homeowners gear up for a busy spring by suggesting common home maintenance and renovations tips. If they can start thinking about renovations now, homeowners can save for updates and have them scheduled for early spring to prepare a finished, renovated house for sale in the bustling spring season. Renovations and proper maintenance are key ways to add value and prepare for plenty of interest in the spring.

Focus on Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing should be the cornerstone of your lead generation in the winter. Winter sees fewer prospective buyers hitting the streets and far more hitting local real estate directories. Update your listings and review your SEO to help attract fresh leads. Leverage your social media accounts and put up plenty of professional, attractive images of your listings to encourage sales.

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