Are You Giving The Right Return Gift to Your Guests?

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Return Gift

You have a party in your house but do not know what to give as a return gift to your guests? Well, name anything and your guest will already have it in his house. Sadly, we all have been there. It is too hard to know what you want to pick up as a return gift to please your guests. Gifts just do not mean a token of gratitude, in fact, they communicate your love and care for the other person. Gone are the days when silver coins, a statue of a God worked well as a gift. Today, people love to have gifts that are unique, close to their heart and mean something.

From classic handwritten letters to loyal pieces of façade, this list of gifts will go with everything you want. Before picking out one, ensure who your guests are and what suits their taste.

Mini Alcohol Packages:

What is the best gift for someone who likes to have a chilled beer every weekend or perhaps every night? Yes, this! Imagine your best buddies teasing you at work for giving a silver coin as a return gift on your wedding day. Well, that is going to hinder your reputation big time. Therefore, know who loves what and gift people what they want.  Small bottles of vodka, tequilas, and beer will do the magic.

Customized Cutlery: 

Giving a pack of dry fruits is too old school. Why not consider giving something that actually belongs to them? If you want to impress your guests then try giving them a cutlery set with their initials written on it or you can also add a handwritten note stating a happy memory that you remember about them along with the cutlery set. The best part of giving this is that people do not pass this as a gift to another guest as cutleries can be very useful.

Cookies, Cupcakes, and Chocolates:

Gifts like these are the best. Instead of having a mundane cake or a chocolate set for your guests, have something that makes them feel really special. If it is a wedding return gift, you can get your partner and you made on the cake or the cupcake. If it is a farewell party then maybe something related to the office can be made on these items. Adding memories to the taste can be a good idea and to do so, consider for return gifts for your next occasion.

Customised Set of Toiletries:

This may sound weird but this is a perfect option for return gifts. This is an exquisite example of how to make your guests happy and gift them something which is highly useful. Along with these travel kits, you can also add cupcakes, chocolates or for that matter a handwritten message. Customize the basket according to your party. Lotions, gels, and soaps everything seems pretty good in a decent decorative kit.

Tea and Coffee Beans:

Not a day goes by in our lives that we either do not have a coffee or a tea. Search the internet that provides the best tea and coffee beans in the world. Flavored coffee and tea are the best gifts that you can ever gift to someone. However, make sure they remain fresh for a longer period of time. If your budget allows you, go for some really nice packaging material for these.

Candles with Fragrance:

Who needs a bottle of perfume when scented candles can lit the entire aura of the room. Just pick the right size and the right fragrance for your guests so that whenever they use these, they remember you. Packages, ribbons, candle boxes…arrange everything that fits your pocket but remember the fragrance should be awesome otherwise there is no fun of gifting these.

Wedding and Reception Boxes:

Having these do not mean gifting the normal boxes or the empty boxes. If it is a wedding then it should look like a wedding. Every table should have a customized box on which the names of your partner and you are mentioned. Also, do not be mistaken to keep the empty boxes on the table. Ensure, you put some homemade chocolates or cupcakes in these so that people thank you for the entire day.

Plants Know How to Spread Love:

Plants are known for spreading positive energy in a place and that is the reason may be houses and corporate offices have a lot of plants in every corner of the building. If they can make people feel happy then why not consider them as a return gift. This will help them remember you for long, as it will nurture their house with happiness forever. Just one thing that you need to remember here, high maintenance is not what you are looking for if gifting a plant.

Mini Jars of Jams and Honey:

Homemade jars of jams and honey sound too good to be an option for a return gift. These can be used by anyone at home at regular intervals and who does not like jams and honey! Therefore, if you want to gift your guests something that is of some use to them and just do not go up on the walls or on the shelves then this is a perfect idea. This is a great choice when it comes to choosing against a box full of sweets.

Something to Flaunt:

If you want your gift to be seen then try gifting something that they can flaunt for like a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring or perhaps a chain. Categorise your guest list on the basis of gender and figure out what you will like to gift your ladies and what best suits your men.

To conclude:

Return gift is no obligation, however, if your guests mean something to you then you ought to show your love toward them. But, this does not mean you need to burden your pocket for that. Just figure out your budget and then see what gift you can consider for your lovely guests.

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