Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Geeky Dad

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

There’s never been a better time to be a geek. Fandoms far and wide dominate popular culture, and it’s finally cool to say you read comic books. Now that the father of your children can fly his geek flag proudly, it’s never been easier to shop for holidays like Father’s Day. You can look for the best place to buy comics online. There are a lot of great gift ideas that appeal to his geeky side. If you’re struggling to find the right one, just look below to find the perfect gift to wrap up on his big day.

Star Wars-inspired grill accessories :

Star Wars-inspired

Did you lose count of the times he took the kids to see Star Wars in theaters? Does he organize an unofficial re-watch of the Star Wars films every few months? Does he also fancy himself a master at the grill? If you answered “yes” to each of these questions, then you have at least one bona fide Star Wars geek in the family. Indulge his inner Jedi with lightsaber BBQ tongs and a stormtrooper silicone heat-resistant oven mitts. Though Star Wars and the grill are an unlikely combination, these themed kitchen-aids are perfect for the geeky grill master.

Customizable skins for his gadgets :


He doesn’t have to be a geek to appreciate a scratch- and grime-resistant accessory protecting his gadgets. Anyone can benefit from this slim yet durable layer wrapped around a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And anyone can apply them, too. They wrap around a gadget like a decal on your neighbor’s car. In fact, when you shop from brand’s selection of skins, that’s exactly what you’re getting—just on a smaller scale. They’ve partnered with 3M vinyl to deliver form-fitting decals that won’t leave behind a messy residue that can gunk-up his gadgets. This special partnership also means brand skins come in exclusive designs, some of which only a geek could love. Whether it’s a carbon fiber MacBook skin, a marble PlayStation wrap, or black camo Galaxy S9 decal, each skin is precision-cut to fit the intended gadget like a glove.

A sanitizing gizmo for his phone :


A skin eliminates that age-old problem of fingerprints and other oil deposits that leave behind smudges on his tech. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. He takes his phone everywhere with him, from the commute on a crowded subway to the bathroom. All that exposure isn’t a good thing. A recent study from the University of Arizona found that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than most toilet seats. Even if he wasn’t a germaphobe before knowing this fun fact, he will be once you tell him. It’s a good thin the PhoneSoap 2.0 can sanitize his handset in just 10 minutes. It harnesses the power of UV-C light to kill 99.99% of germs found on his phone.

Accessories only a comic book fan would love :

comic book

It doesn’t matter if he’s a Marvel fan or a DC die-hard, whether he watched Infinity Wars four times in theaters, or if he loves both universes equally. His love for all things comics is a fantastic resource for Father’s Day gifts. He’ll be ready to save the world with his Captain America backpack or his Batman laptop satchel. All you have to do is zero in on his favorite character and find the corresponding gear. Whether it’s someone as well-known as Superman or just a fan favorite like the Winter Soldier, there’s something for every character and universe.

A monthly delivery of fun :

comic book2

If dad’s geeky interests run the gamut of comics, movies, video games, and tv shows, it can be hard to pin down one item that will satisfy his nerdy needs. So why limit yourself to just one? You can get him a smattering of accessories, toys, and gadgets by signing up for a subscription box. These subscription boxes are curated for geeks to offer them a sample of the latest trends every month. Whether you subscribe to Geek Gear or Infinity Crates, if it’s a subscription box, they’re delivered straight to his door. With an option of a one-time delivery or a full year of treats, these boxes make it easy to satisfy all his cravings.

Whether he’s a lifelong Star Wars fan or recently converted Captain America groupie, you can find a fantastic gift that appeals to his geeky side. Use this guide to help narrow down a present that matches up with interests, and your family can spoil a geeky dad on his special day.

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