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Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for your university graduate can be hard. The challenge lies in finding something that’s special enough to mark the occasion that’s also something that you can get real use out of. The gift has to be unique as well as useful. The person should feel your concern for them. If you want a gift for your sports lover friend, holgadirect has doc socks as a perfect gift option for you. Whether your recent graduate is going on to further their studies or enter the world of work, here are ten useful graduation gift ideas that truly keep on giving.

Here are 10 Gift ideas For Graduates:

1. A tablet:


From on-the-go assignments to job searches a portable tablet is a crucial tool in any post-grads itinerary. They are lightweight and often weigh about 1/3 the weight of a standard laptop, so they’re very easy to carry around when they’re out and about.

2. Cash:


If your post grads are work-bound then they will need some cold hard cash for rent, train/bus fares or petrol costs. They’ll also want to look their best so some money will be needed for a dapper suit of some sort. If your offspring are staying on for further study after recently graduating, then they’re likely to need to splash the cash on fees or study materials.

3. Jewellery:



Nothing says congratulations or matches a special occasion such as graduation more than a stunning piece of jewellery. For her, a show-stopping necklace will wow and impress all her friends, whilst for him, some cufflinks will look extra smart and help him stand out from the crowd.

4. Teddy:



Who doesn’t like a graduation teddy bear? They’re cute, cuddly and a classic choice. Oh, and they’re probably cheaper than most gifts!

5. Cake:



Graduation cakes come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional sheet cakes to colossal multi-tier cakes. When it comes to cake creations – the sky’s the limit! And of course, their friends will love them even more if they have lots of cake to share around. Great work mum and dad!

6. Portable charger:

portable charger

portable charger

If your recent grad is off on a year-long around the world sabbatical, then they will want to stay connected to call home or to check out what everyone’s doing on social media.  Graduates who are moving on to further study will also find this useful when moving from library to coffee shop.

7. Subscription to NetFlix:

Subscription to NetFlix

Subscription to NetFlix

Your pride and joy have worked their socks off so what better way to reward all that hard work than with a subscription to NetFlix. It’s just the thing they need to switch off and unwind. Just don’t let them enjoy it too much though!

8. Luggage:



Another essential for when your recent grad decides to up sticks and see the world. For many post-grad travellers who are off around the world for some amount of time, their suitcase will be their new home on wheels!

9. Watch:



Why should your precious one have to wait until marriage or retirement for a good timepiece? A good watch will ooze style, sophistication, add an extra layer of class to any smart dress or suit and even help toward them landing that dream job.

10. Photo frame:

photo frame

photo frame

Another option is to capture that special graduation day with a gorgeous frame. Often coming in a variety of finishes to suit your own individual tastes, you can treasure that special day for many years to come with this professional-looking gift they’re sure to love.

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