Don’t Let Instagram Get You Discovered For Intrusive Ads

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Intrusive Ads

The ability to buy products on IG is a convenient option for many users. But on the other hand, this also brings some unpleasant issues, such as sponsored content.

Sometimes, it may seem like advertising has taken over your profile. Using the IG Anonymous Story Viewer tool is the method to cope with these touting posts.

On average, more than 6,000-10,000 ads are presented to an online user. This figure alone says how annoying it is for a user to peacefully navigate through online websites.

Ads have increased in numbers, and users genuinely want to get rid of them! But how to do so? This article is an overall guide about intrusive ads, so keep reading. 

What Does Intrusive Advertising Mean?

Intrusive Advertising

Intrusive advertising means pushing unwelcoming, irrelevant, and invasive ads to customers. They might pop up unpredictably and end up blocking the hosting page.

Intrusive ads flash all of a sudden, open new windows and pages, and play audio and videos without your concern.  As a result, this makes the user upset and eventually turns off the web page. 

You don’t want to be the brand whose website keeps reflecting intrusive ads. But how do we stop from getting into the entire cycle of pop-up blocking and everything? Because trust me, so many brands are willing to give a better user experience but some factors are simply not in their hands. One of them is intrusive ads.  

So, if you, too, want not to get discovered and bothered by such ads, below are a few suggestions to help you out. 

What Do You Need to Know About Advertising on Instagram?

IG business account owners can display their products by setting their target audience and creating promotional posts that are shown to them afterward. So, various groups of Insta users see the different sponsored content while scrolling through the feed. It depends on several factors like gender, age, region, etc. 

Ads can also be determined by the IG algorithm, which is based on the user’s current subscriptions and interactions with other content. Advertising publications contain different appeals, from showing a product to calling for a purchase or sending a message for more information.

Sponsored posts are made in photo and video format and appear not only in the feed but also when viewing Stories. Such actions are extra annoying, especially if you don’t like what IG presents to you.

There are some techniques to deal with it directly in the Instagram app:

  • Hide a specific ad post. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the publication and select “Hide ad” so this particular post won’t be shown to you anymore.
  • Block a certain account. You can go a little further and block the entire profile. This action will rid you of all promotional content related to the exact page. 
  • Customize your ads. In your profile settings, there are the “Accounts Center” and “Ad preferences”. Any user can choose favorite topics for displaying or removing personalized advertising.

In fact, you have the opportunity to remove some content and tune what is shown to you. Unfortunately, there is no sure thing to fully get rid of ads on the app as the platform doesn’t support that. Therefore, the only way to enjoy Stories without running into ads is through the IG story viewer tool.

More Options for Using Special Instruments on Instagram

Using Special Instruments on Instagram

Although this social network has quite a lot of functionality, there are still things that can’t be done. That’s why Inflact’s automated tools for IG are a must-have for any profile.

The Instagram Story Viewer allows users to:

  • Watch Instagram Stories anonymously.
  • View the content without the account at all.
  • Watch Stories without having access to a certain public page.

The Story viewer on Instagram is ideal for avoiding sponsored posts in the Stories section. You just need to know the account username: enter it into the search bar or just copy the link. The process takes a minute, and you can enjoy the content you like without being distracted by various advertisements.

The tool is very convenient because:

  • You can start collecting Stories with the public IG Story Viewer and even download them.
  • The instrument is completely secure.  You can view a Story without anyone knowing.
  • The IG Story Viewer works online and is compatible with any device.

This is an example of how you can extend the capabilities of additional tools to enhance your experience on the platform.

Differences Between Non-Intrusive and Intrusive Advertising

Contrary to intrusive ads, their non-intrusive counterparts don’t disrupt the online experience of a user, at least not overtly. They are somewhat passive in nature and pave the way for the user to come back to them. Also, it doesn’t force itself upon its users. So, you don’t necessarily have to block them; you can just ignore these ads. 

Intrusive marketing fills online users with unnecessary content, whereas non-intrusive marketing is generally well-targeted. Similarly, invasive ads might have higher impressions and reach, but non-invasive ads have more personalization into them. As a result, they tend to deliver greater returns.

Another risk encompassing intrusive ads is that they are minutely related to the site’s content. As a result, 80% of the time, they fail to garner visitor’s interest. In contrast, non-intrusive marketing has its own place in targeting the audience. So, for example, if you are on a fashion website, the non-intrusive ad will be based on some reputed fashion designer or so. 


Advertising has become a part of Instagram, so users have to accept the fact that they will be shown sponsored content. The only option to watch Stories without being distracted by unnecessary offers is through the Story Viewer tool. So, what are you thinking? Do not fall prey to ad fatigue; work smartly!

And that marks the end of this article. If it helped you gain necessary insights into the overall world of intrusive ads, do not forget to share your thoughts below! Save your site from getting hacked by endless and irrelevant ads. Thank you for reading this till the end. 

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